Although Elements Showcase took a short hiatus, the indie and established beauty convention will collaborate with Capsule Trade Show, a fashion and lifestyle event that stages directional and independent designers.

“When we started Elements in 2011, the idea was to fill a hole in the marketplace, to introduce an event that would allow the best designers to connect with the best buyers and media in fragrance and beauty,” said Frederick Bouchardy, cofounder of Elements. “Three years later, we began to get the feeling that Elements was becoming part of the trade show circuit, not the exciting and unique destination we set out to create. We put our heads down and vanished for a bit, engineering a new plan to deliver on our promise, which is where Capsule came into play.”

The exhibition will take place during all of Capsule’s domestic shows, which include New York Women’s in September, New York Men’s in January and Las Vegas in February.

Meanwhile, participating Elements brands will have access to retailers and press.

“We will collaborate on three upcoming events with Capsule,” said Jeffrey Lawson, cofounder of Elements. “And this new team will allow us to maximize the number of qualified buyers and visitors we can offer our exhibiting brands.”

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