Coveted consumers like Millennials and Generation Z want more than just unique experiences, digital convenience and great storytelling — they demand authenticity.

Enter RYPL, a new customer acquisition solution by digital marketing company GlobalWide Media that focuses on “everyday influencers” instead of celebrities. With an audience modeling approach that takes into account those closely surrounding a customer (for example, a friend or colleague), RYPL pays attention to who impacts a customer’s decision-making, in addition to the target customer themselves.

“Our goal was to try and come up with a differentiated solution,” confirmed Zack Cantor, director of decision science at GlobalWide Media. That more famous (and often compensated) brand ambassador is no longer viewed as the only — or most important — influencer, he acknowledged. “Increasingly, you are looking toward everyday people to give a more authentic review,” he said.

The solution is embedded with an array of features — from partnering with social listening tools that provides clues to companies about social media relationships between consumers, to delving into co-location data, to an algorithm that determines influencer versus influencee relationships, RYPL’s variety of capabilities enable its potential to target the appropriate consumers.

Once those links are established, RYPL can react accordingly. “Let’s say there is a pattern of you purchasing something after your friend does, we are going to message you because you are a target consumer — and we will also now message your friend knowing that will increase the probability that you will go ahead and make a purchase,” Cantor explained.

And the results, noted Cantor, have been tremendous. The incorporation of the solution, for example, had apparel brand Johnny Was experiencing almost 40 percent better conversion rates.

“Johnny Was was really looking into getting into some sort of influencer marketing, but finding that its particular audience tends to be a bit more affluent and a little more discerning, the traditional influencer marketing approach hadn’t seemed to resonate,” Cantor reflected. In turn, he explained, the brand needed a more authentic way to execute the influencer approach, and RYPL’s more intimate focus hit just the right spot.

Summing up, Cantor described how critical innovative advertising is in the current retail climate, and how integral solutions like RYPL are in connecting with today’s consumer. “Advertising is just as important in reaching the end consumer as it is in just keeping the conversation going,” he said. “It is important to build not just a consumer base, but also brand advocacy and awareness through advertising.”

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