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Generation Z gets a lot of flack. Often labeled as too reliant on technology, the demographic is smashing the stereotypes that suggest they are the downfall of physical retail. According to Fluent Commerce’s latest survey, “Behind the Scenes of Online Shopping,” Generation Z might be physical retail’s salvation.

“The next generation of shoppers is an anomaly when it comes to the scale of convenience. Meaning that retailers (in-store and online) should pay attention to the idea that Amazon’s two-day shipping theory may mean less to emerging generations than it does to current shoppers,” the report said. “While they should also remember that in-store inventory is just as important as online, as this generation of shoppers is also more willing to go out of their way to pick up an item in-store.”

Fluent Commerce polled 5,000 U.S. Gen Z-ers — individuals between ages 14 and 24 — to discern the insights.

Perhaps most profound, the survey found that 73 percent of Generation Z still shops in store, despite contrary common beliefs. And though they still frequent physical locations, their expectations of the experiences differ from older generations. Retailers would behoove themselves to consider fully immersive dynamics to their retail footprints to fully engage these shoppers.

According to the survey results, Generation Z is more patient than might be predicted. “Fluent Commerce found that 47 percent of the next generation shoppers will wait up to seven days for their package to arrive,” the report said. What’s more, it said that 24 percent confirmed they would wait up to 10 or more days.

But that’s for items that are needed immediately, mostly. The report found that Generation Z shoppers are motivated, especially when it comes to actually obtaining their purchases — and they expect merchants to comply with these notions.

The survey results revealed that 66 percent of participants expect retailers to provide same-day, in-store pickup options. They’ll even travel somewhat extensively to gather their new belongings — 53 percent of consumers “will travel up to 30 minutes to pick up their package the day of [purchase] and 23 percent will travel up to 60 minutes.”

But when finalizing an online purchase, 90 percent of the participants said that their purchase decisions are informed by whether the retailer provides free shipping. And those packages should be delivered on time in order to maintain brand loyalty — 40 percent of shoppers said that late package deliveries are the most frustrating part of the shipping experience.

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