ROI 2.0? Roger Mincheff thinks he can advance digital marketing.

He wants to do the next big thing in digital when it comes to content — how people consume it and how advertisers can use it to build brands for the long term — and that’s where his latest endeavor, Big Boots, comes into play.

Mincheff’s previous credits include most recently running Relativity Digital Studios. He’s also the former president of Myspace Entertainment and served as senior vice president of branded entertainment at Fox Filmed Entertainment.

The specialty of Big Boots, he said, is building platforms. That’s tech jargon for a very broad set of options that could be anything from a YouTube channel to a mobile app to a game for clients who will encompass brands, celebrities, influencers or media companies.

“You have such a paradigm shift today in how media is consumed and utilized so where we watch it, where we consume it, how we consume it [and] how advertisers use it,” Mincheff said. “We’re in the midst of such a huge shift. It creates chaos but it also creates opportunities.”

One of the company’s first platforms is a fashion-related endeavor, for which the company has teamed with a designer. Other platforms set to launch this year are in the pop culture and sports categories. Mincheff declined to provide details on all three deals, saying they’re still tied up in legal.

The fashion industry’s somewhat slow acceptance and adoption of digital and broader technological advancements could work in its favor.

“The advantages of being ahead, clearly, you’re an early adopter and can learn the lessons and apply them. The advantage to lagging is you’ve seen what works and what doesn’t,” he said. “To me, fashion has always lagged. They’ve never been first to market with technologies or marketing practices. What now exists is so unbelievably exciting and game-changing that fashion in my opinion is about to experience a massive, positive shift in its business.”

The idea is everything is motivated by the longer term, rather than one-off projects, as Mincheff explained it. It’s part of a broader conversation happening across industries as more advertisers seek to find the answer to what the metrics for success even look like when it comes to digital marketing beyond customer acquisition or other key performance indicators.

“What I want to do is build platforms, build franchises and business with real partners,” he said. “This is not about an advertiser just getting a CPM or about a celebrity getting some exposure on a movie.”