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Today #Hashoff, an influencer marketing platform, has announced the launch of fully integrated functionality to empower brands to enable real-time creator engagement and the management and measurement of ongoing marketing strategies. The updates allow for brands to scale and analyze ROI for campaigns within one local dashboard.

“This launch is the next step in delivering technology that makes it easier for marketers to build scalable and measurable influencer programs,” said Joel Wright, president and cofounder of #Hashoff. “We created the self-service platform to streamline the creative process between brands and micro-influencers, providing an end-to-end solution to identify, manage, create, collaborate, amplify and accurately measure influencer campaigns. The platform brings automation to what is typically a highly manual, chaotic space. Through the platform, brands now have more direct control over the creative process with a clear, real-time picture of the impact and ROI of influencer posts.”

The new dashboard will include a smattering of new services and features that aim to allow marketers to sift through influencers to find the best match for a campaign and follow its execution path. The platform will allow for marketers to filter, search, bookmark and create private networks of influencers — new and existing.

When researching potential influencers to hire for an initiative, users will have access to transparent rate information, on which platforms the influencer operates and what kind of content they commonly produce. This will allow for improved and streamlined negotiations and contracts.

On the content creators side, influencers are able to upload content directly from their phones for brands to approve. Alternatively marketers can comment on a proposed piece of content or reject it entirely. Once a campaign is executed, users have the ability to track its success in real-time with of-the-moment optimization. Following a campaign, marketers can pay influencers directly through the dashboard once posts are published and verified.

As the role of micro-influencers continues to rise, brands and retailers are kicking Instagram celebrities in exchange for social personalities who boast smaller follower numbers but feature premium engagement. #Hashoff has centered its platform on micro-influencers and now has a repertoire of over 150,000 content creators and clients that range from Bud Light to Famous Footwear to Sony Pictures.

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