Name: Julia Kuczyńska

Number of Instagram Followers: 924K

Number of YouTube Subscribers: 65,626

EMV 2016: $64,785,415

As the age of celebrity endorsements wanes, the deployment of micro-influencers is on the rise. A leading influencer search and discovery directory, HYPR has announced the addition of features to its platform: audience demographic and profile information.

Users of the platform are able to search its international directory that consists of 10 million influencers. What’s more, the social tastemakers are catalogued according to a multitude of data like age, gender, interests, household income, gender and location among others.

“In the last few years, there has been a shift from mainstream celebrities towards millions of influencers,” said Gil Eyal, founder and chief executive officer of HYPR. “These micro-influencers with niche audiences are cost-effective and have high conversion rates compared to macro influencers, and due to the abundance of these influencers, we’re seeing the power revert from influencers to the brands who now have a multitude of options – so long as they can actually discover them. The HYPR platform sifts through over 10 million accounts and produces a list of influencers that match the search criteria in seconds.”

With the shift toward micro-influencers, brands and marketers are required to sift through millions of accounts to deliver the most aligned candidates who will produce top engagement. “Over 30 percent of the world’s largest brands, agencies and influencer marketing platforms use HYPR. The platform allows automation in influencer discovery by narrowing down millions of options to the most actionable and relevant ones,” a company spokesman said.

Consumers – particularly Millennials and Gen Z-ers – value authenticity and organic content within their social feeds. The demographics carry a general distrust of traditional advertising, an Accenture study on the shoppers confirmed. Micro-influencers present a relatable appeal as celebrity endorsements are becoming old hat – and transparent.

HYPR counts among its customers Pepsi, Hulu, Equinox, LVMH, Estée Lauder and Iconix, among others.

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