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AGRATE BRIANZA, Italy — At its annual trend presentation, Intercos unveiled 13 different makeup concepts the supplier will be introducing over the coming season. Each was created to reflect a different consumer, or the moods of individual consumers expressed through their choice of makeup.

These included:

• Pink Emotion, an upbeat segment with plenty of rosy hues, offered liquid moisture infusions, pigment infusions for cheeks, lip liner, lip sheers, eye shadow and nail lacquer, the latter presented both in highly saturated matte colors and in silver metallic variations.n All You Need focused on multipurpose products, such as the lip-and-cheek rouge; three-in-one eye shadow, eyeliner and brow powder, and multicolor palette.

• With sequins to spare, Crystal Ball played on high glamour. Products included a sparkly crystal lip color, brush-on click eyeliner with special light effects, glittery decorations for the lashes, brows and hair, and a line of nail lacquer in “Emmy Vintage” pink and sparkling “Grey Academy.”

• Artificial Intelligent, a category focused on “makeup that adapts to” individual skin needs, introduced a fluid foundation, blush and lipstick, among other items, all designed to meld flawlessly with the wearer’s face.

• Essence of Bright captured the trend for makeup that looks pure, bright and natural — the “I woke up like this” zeitgeist promoted by Beyoncé. A treatment serum, sculpting gel-powder with Intercos’ Prisma technology and frosty lip gloss were part of the package.

• Fountain of Oil explored the antiaging terrain, with assorted oils — such as a bronzing oil to sooth tanned skin, and a calming “detox” oil for eyelashes — as well as a hydrating lip serum, and a foundation with argan and coconut oils.

• As indicated by its hashtag, #SnapGlam was makeup for the selfie generation. A light, #NoFilters powder foundation professed to eliminate the need for digital smartphone filters, and other products were equally camera-suitable, from the #LashesToDieFor mascara to the #InstaFlash lip kohl.

• Sepia Memories, with its mineral powder palette and nude-and-orange “gellycream” eye shadow, took aim at those who want the easygoing charm of a Woodstock escapee, with a little extra polish — and orderly eyebrows, enhanced with “velvet browlights.” From the Skinny B—- ink market to the Forever Thin brow shaper, the Infinite Line selection of products targeted a consumer who is meticulous in her beauty routine.

• Green Envy played with green tones, as shown in the glossy nail lacquers and bold gel-powder eye shadows.

• Stroke of Art considered the face an artist’s canvas, on which people can paint and dab using a spray-on color powder, or aquarelle lip and cheek set.

• With its creamy, soothing and moisturizing textures, Loving Protection was developed for women who use their makeup as skin care as well as a feel-good pick-me-up.

• Gold Nirvana was Intercos’ response to a demand for unapologetically over-the-top luxury. Products included a honey-hued gloss, an antique-gold nail lacquer and dramatic blue mascara.

In addition to these concepts, Intercos introduced to its lively display a “Cabinet of Curiosities” area filled with examples of its special effects technologies, including pressed, baked or slurry-injected powders, among the many other options.