Digitally embedded apparel is at the core of the Janela platform.

Earlier this year, Avery Dennison Retail Branding and Information Solutions teamed with Evrythng to offer fashion apparel, activewear and footwear brands on the Janela Smart Products Platform.

The platform allows retailers and fashion brands to embed “unique digital identities and data profiles” into products. The marketers at Avery Dennison RBIS have now rolled out a two-minute video, via social media, illustrating the technology.

In the video, a twentysomething female consumer arrives home from shopping for a new leather jacket. She pulls the jacket out of the bag and uses a mobile-phone app to scan the garment label. A voiceover then states, “What if the things I own had an online profile like me? And it was connected to the web?”

While the consumer displays the jacket, animated graphics show how the scanned product connects to various social channels and databases — illustrating how apparel products would be a part of “my digital life,” the consumer said in the voiceover.

The video goes on to show how the data of the jacket and other items compose a “digital closet,” which also allows the user to plan outfits “and share them with friends.” Janela, which is Portuguese for “window,” also helps the end user create fashion apparel wish lists. Brands and retailers can use Janela to offer consumers fashion tips based on what they have in their closets, as well as to suggest new items — all “tailored for my style,” the narrator added.

Loyalty and reward programs can also be built around the technology, which also can encourage consumers to recycle or donate worn-out apparel.

Kim Schneider, senior director of Technology Solutions at Avery Dennison’s RBIS unit, said they chose Janela as the platform’s name because they wanted something unique. “And it’s a window into consumer engagement,” she added.

And because Janela generates real-time data, it can be used to manage inventory, which is critical in the current omnichannel environment, Schneider said adding that the technology not only helps “consumers make better fashion decisions, but also can help retailers and brands make better-informed merchandising decisions.”

RBIS and Evrythng are looking to enable 10 billion products with the cloud-based identities. Avery Dennison said the platform allows its customers to digitalize products at the “point of manufacturing.” Schneider said smartphones have “changed how people interact in the world” and that Janela fosters a deeper interaction with brands, retailers and the products itself.