Generational Appeal: For model Jane Gill, it’s a return engagement at J. McLaughlin after 35 years. “She was right ‘on brand’ then and frankly she’s right ‘on brand’ now,” said Kevin McLaughlin, cofounder and creative director of J. McLaughlin. “The strength of our business is with 40-to-60-year-olds but we are a multigenerational brand.” In marketing J. McLaughlin, “Age diversity is important. We want to acknowledge Jane’s generation. It’s my generation too,” said the 68-year-old McLaughlin. “She wears the clothing beautifully.”

Jane Gill in the current J. McLaughlin catalogue. 

Gill, in her mid-sixties, also once modeled for Ralph Lauren. She’s an animal activist and real estate agent in the Hamptons. She appears in J. McLaughlin’s ad in Quest magazine and in J. McLaughlin’s transition catalogue photographed at The Cloister resort on Sea Island, Ga., and landing in mailboxes next week. She’ll also appear in the spring book, shot in Sarasota, Fla., coming out in March.

Vintage J. McLaughin ad with Jane Gill.