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San Francisco-based fashion retailer, Dolls Kill was “born on social media.” Using the product exclusivity and “hype” behind its best-selling, limited-edition “Billionaire Bling Boot” (which sold out in less than 30 minutes online), Dolls Kill fueled up for a road trip to promote the product to “fans,” in likeness to a famed rockstar.

It’s more than a blinged-out boot, though, it’s a brand statement.

Stocking a “decked out ice cream truck” with the boot, the Dolls Kill team hit eight cities across the country to promote the brand. The tour stands as a testament to brands finding new and interesting ways to ramp up their storytelling efforts in 2019. Leaning into social media and experience stands at the forefront of their marketing strategies.

“Everything we create is created to be shared, from our brand activations and store experiences to our attention-grabbing products and editorial,” Tamara Perenic, experiential marketing manager at Dolls Kill, said in a statement to WWD.

The “Billionaire Bling Boot” sold out in less than 30 minutes.  Courtesy Image

In the next year, brands will continue to seek reinvention of their retail presences, further bridging the digital and physical and investing in the consumer experience.

Increased competition means tapping into social media activations, leveraging automation in the retail stores and creating greater consistency across in-store and online.

Direct-to-consumer brands, or those born of the internet, leverage social media to deepen engagement with “fans” (notably Dolls Kill uses this reference instead of customers), through unique and innovative experiences.

And tapping into an “obsessive excitement around an incredibly popular Dolls Kill product,” does warrant the use of the term “fans.” Perenic said Dolls Kill is excited about “finding new and creative ways” to bring its brand to life through unique and innovative experiences.

Creating not only authentic but “one-of-a-kind experiences” is the aim of brands such as Dolls Kill.