PARIS — Kering’s sustainability efforts continue to bear fruit.

The French group, which comprises brands such as Gucci, Saint Laurent and Stella McCartney, has been confirmed by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices as the industry leader heading up the textiles, apparel and luxury goods sectors for the second consecutive year, the company said on Thursday.

The DJSI tracks the performance of the 2,500 companies listed in the Dow Jones Global Total Stock Market Index.

“This top ranking reflects the tangible benefits of our pioneering Environmental Profit and Loss Account rollout and our overall strategy to implement a sustainable business model in our own operations and across our supply chain,” said Marie-Claire Daveu, chief sustainability officer and head of institutional affairs at Kering, citing the implementation of a smart sustainable store program across its network of boutiques, innovating its manufacturing process to reduce environmental impacts and ensuring responsible and sustainable sourcing of raw materials, among the measures taken by the group.

In May, Kering tabled its first Environment Profit and Loss account, pegging the value of its impact on the environment in 2013 at 773 million euros, or $1.03 billion at average exchange rates for the period, with more than half of the tally associated with raw materials.