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Kibo Commerce, a unified omnichannel software has released “Holiday Trends Report: 2017 Edition,” which details the driving factors that will attract consumers and motivate purchases. The research found that consumers are increasingly gravitating toward omnichannel purchases, specifically lured by picking up online purchases within a store.

The report details the findings of a survey answered by 3,000 U.S. consumers between the ages 18 and 65 — an even split between men and women were represented.

Buy-online-pick-up-in-store is increasingly becoming a preferred purchase completion channel. “Forty-seven percent of respondents reported they used BOPIS last year during the holidays, and when asked if they anticipate using BOPIS this holiday, 58 percent claimed they would,” the report said. “The number-one reason coming in at 66 percent was to save on shipping costs. Number two at 53 percent is to save time in-store, and number three is to receive the product when it is convenient at 39 percent.”

Retailers stand to gain instrumental consumer data during the holidays, too. According to the research, 72 percent of respondents said they were likely to create an account with an online retailer during the popular shopping period. Those who continue to be wary of devising accounts were primarily concerned about sharing personal information (49 percent), being bombarded with marketing material (40 percent), and maintaining an already extensive roster of logins (32 percent). Retailers that communicate security measures and offer opt-out features for newsletters might be able to move the needle in bulking up memberships.

Not all shopping will be reserved for e-commerce this season, the survey found. In fact, online components are increasingly becoming product research tools. “Over half of shoppers (54 percent) stated online inventory information is used to justify a trip to a store,” the report said.

Consumer priorities are anticipated to heighten come this holiday shopping season — specifically, they’re looking for enhanced personalization. The report said, “Forty-six percent between both males and females said the top factor to improve a shopping experience was ‘while shopping online, provide promotions and offers that are relevant to me and my current gift search.’” Loyalty programs also were at the top of the list for consumers — 44 percent said that they want retailers and brands to extend more loyalty programs during the holiday season.

Convenience is king — the Amazon effect is in full force for consumers. “Seventy percent of shoppers state they expect free shipping for standard delivery during the holidays. Additionally, 49 percent of shoppers expect free shipping as a member of the company’s loyalty program,” the report said. “When it comes to enticing consumers this year, a whopping 88 percent of shoppers indicated free shipping would make them more likely to shop with a retailer during the holidays.”

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