Kohl’s, Walmart, Kroger’s and Walgreens ranked as the top retailers in advertising effectiveness for February, according to the ABX Advertising Benchmark Index. The top retailers tracked by the firm ran 465 new ads in February, which compares to 442 in January.

The ABX Index measures overall ad effectiveness across television, radio, digital, print and outdoor advertising. Each ad is rated by a consumer panel and is based on 15 variables with a score of 100 equaling “average effectiveness.” Awareness — or brand linkage — and Message scores reflect the advertisement’s impact on audiences via its Reputation and Call to Action scores.

Click here for a copy of the February 2018 Retailer Advertising Effectiveness Report for Retailers. 

Walmart’s “There are more ways to Walmart” ad, which ranked number one in television, illustrated how the store “has it all” through fast-paced vignettes of people picking up packages at Walmart, ranging from groceries to children’s gifts. The ABX Gender Equality Index saw higher than average scores for males, females, boys and girls, which played a role in the ad’s high Reputation score at 202 and Action score of 146, the company said. The Message was clearly understood with a score of 131, while Intent to Purchase was high at 172 and Recommend at 190.

The number-one spot in radio was Home Depot’s “Right now The Home Depot has up to 35 percent off Appliance Special Buys including…” that promoted the store’s sales for Appliance Special Buys and other categories. As radio is a more challenging category to achieve high engagement from listeners and has a lower average ABX Index with mediums at 90 (instead of 100), its ABX Index score of 111 is actually quite high. Its scores for Reputation and Action were good at 124 and 112, respectively, but its Likeability score was low at 95. Within the call-to-action category, its highest score was intent to go to the web for more information.

Home improvement chain, The Home Depot.  Shutterstock / Roman Tiraspolsky

Walgreens’ “In San Francisco we have a pretty good size homeless population…” ad took the number-one slot in digital. Its 30-second spot shows a female and male with friends handing care packages to homeless people in San Francisco “as a way of caring for the ‘whole person.’” The ad scored very high in every KPI, with the exception of the ABX Gender Equality Index for males at 97. Described as “warm, captivating and inspirational,” the ad garnered a very high Reputation score at 249 with high Likeability at 169. Purchase scored well at 118, as well as call-to-actions, with Contact Walgreens at 216 and Talk about it at 225.

In print, Kroger’s “Fresh Food. Low Prices” received the number one ranking with its ad that continually resonates well with consumers. Its Message score was high at 126 with a strong Reputation score of 159. Its Action score was also high at 140, as well as its Relevance and Purchase Intent, scoring 147 and 203, respectively. ABX noted that “Other retailers should study Kroger’s graphic design choices as well as promotional deals,” and that “Kroger’s ads are always characterized by clean, clear text and great choices in color.”

For Free Standing Inserts, Kohl’s’ “Make it a point to shop 1-day door-busters” ad had the highest ABX score at 124. The ad’s Relevance score was high at 141 and its Likeability was 127. Its scores for Action, Message and Reputation all ranked in the 130-140 range, while it yielded positive call-to-action scores, most notably its Intent to Purchase at 143.

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