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Kroger, Target Corp. and J.C. Penney Co. Inc. dominated the “most-effective” advertising measures for November, according to the ABX Advertising Benchmark Index as top retailers ran 606 new ads in November, which is up from 498 in October and September, the company said.

The ABX Index measures overall ad effectiveness across television, radio, digital, print and outdoor advertising. Each ad is rated by a consumer panel based on 15 variables with a score of 100 equaling “average effectiveness.” Awareness — or brand linkage — and Message scores reflect the advertisement’s impact on audiences via its Reputation and Call to Action scores.

Click here for a copy of the November 2017 Retailer Advertising Effectiveness Report for Retailers. 

Kroger took the number-one spot in television with its “Zero Hunger Zero Waste” campaign, which relayed its goal to achieve zero waste and reduce hunger through donations that feed children and enhance “community spirit.” It generated high intent scores for Talk, Recommend, Web, Look For and Purchase as well as a high Likeability score at 181. And the ABX Gender Equality Index for all characters was 20 points over the norm, according to ABX. Its Reputation score was very high at 257 and Intent to Act at 136.

The number-one ad in radio was Target’s “It’s order pick-up time at Target,” which features a frenzied female narrator and a soundtrack comparable to a dramatic movie score that says, “You’re cozy up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa and checking things off your ever-growing wish list…order online and pick up in store.” The convenience of ordering online resonated with listeners: The ad scored 121 in Messaging, 110 in brand Awareness and 149 in Reputation. Its Intent to “go to the Web” to learn more score was extremely high, at 223.

Target’s West 34th Street flexible-format store. 

J.C. Penney’s “The J.C. Penney Holiday Challenge” ad was number one in the digital space, which featured a dialogue about holiday budgeting between a male narrator and a couple. The narrator claims that J.C. Penney can beat their budget and subsequently the couple completes all of their holiday shopping at J.C. Penney for only $297. The ad had a clear Message score at 135 and a Reputation score at 189. Its intended Action score of 150 was very high, which included Go to the Web at 175; Look For at 193; Purchase at 150; Recommend at 186; and Talk about it at 171. The ad is one part of its “J.C. Penney Holiday Challenge” campaign series.

Kroger scored the number-one spot in print with its “Our Commitment Extends Beyond Words” campaign, which notifies the audience of its commitment to funding veterans and military families with its donation of $1 million to the USO, ABX said. Its Reputation score of 225, Likeability at 155 and Intent to Recommend at 180 confirm the success of the ad with audiences. Its ABX Gender Equality Index score, 119, was very high because of the soldier’s uniform and holding of his child, ABX noted.

And Kroger’s “Great Prices for Your Thanksgiving” ad was number one in Free Standing Inserts. The ad is easy to read due to its “clean and well-labeled graphics,” which garnered a Message score of 133. Respondents’ likeability was 128 and its intent to Go to the Web, Look for and Purchase scores were each 50 points over the norm. Its attractive offerings drove high Reputation and Action scores at 149 and 142, respectively.

No outdoor advertisements were seen this month, the company said.

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