When Meghan Trainor’s lips are movin’, they’re slathered in Lip Smacker.

The Markwins-owned lip product specialist is sponsoring the singer’s Untouchable concert tour that kicked off last week. The brand has already achieved large sales and social media gains from integrations into the tour that include Trainor referring to Lip Smacker while belting out the song “‘Lips Are Movin’”; a logoed Snapchat geofilter available during performances, and an audience sampling program.

“Meghan’s star is rising like crazy, and she’s had an immediate impact,” said Bill George, president and chief operating officer at Markwins. “I’m a huge fan of hers, and I’m a stuffy old dude. She has an amazing message. She really connects with Millennials by talking to them about topics that are relevant to them, and she gets the parent seal of approval as well.”

After Trainor’s first Untouchable show in the U.S. on Saturday in Seattle, Lip Smacker’s e-commerce orders soared 150 percent on Monday from the same day a week ago. The brand also registered a 300 percent increase in traffic to its various social media platforms from Saturday night through Tuesday.

Even before Trainor’s tour, Lip Smacker was on the upswing. Acquired by Markwins last year in a deal for Aspire Brands assets Lip Smacker and Bonne Bell, George reported the brand’s revenues are surging 90 percent week-over-week. Lip Smacker has expanded into retailers such as Claire’s and Kohl’s, and is housed in 30,000 checkout spots at Wal-Mart, 26,000 at Dollar General and 8,000 at Rite Aid. In total, it’s sold at around 64,000 checkout lanes across America.

“What I thought would happen was maybe a little more moderate, but I knew we would have some immediate success. The opportunities were there. We just had to make sure we didn’t screw them up,” George said. “Lip Smacker had a great following, wonderful products and great flavors. Retailers were kind of frustrated that there didn’t seem to be much investment or care.”

Going forward, George indicated product extensions and innovations will help propel growth at Lip Smacker. “We have to hammer hard on innovation. Everybody speaks about innovation, and I don’t want to just give lip service to it,” he said. “We do a great job with lip balms and sell 50 million lip balms a year, but there are some adjacencies within that category that are relevant to our consumer.”

George will get a break from his brand-building duties on Saturday to attend Trainor’s concert at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. He plans to share his experience at the performance on Snapchat. “I had the opportunity to meet her before we did this, and she’s an amazing person. What you see is what you get. The way it came together with Lip Smacker was so organic and natural. It ties right into the [‘Lips Are Movin’] song,” he said. “It’s going to be a lot of fun to be there.”