Mary Kay's #ICan campaign

Mary Kay’s #ICan advertising campaign is making its way to television.

A 40-second spot for the brand’s promotional campaign, which launched this summer, will air during tonight’s episode of “Project Runway,” which features a Mary Kay-sponsored challenge. The #ICan campaign features real-life Mary Kay independent beauty consultants divulging what their May Kay businesses allow them to afford.

“We have a very engaged sales force and they have different ways of getting into the business,” said Kim Sater, vice president of consumer marketing at Mary Kay. “We were looking for a way to explain to others the benefits of having a Mary Kay business.”

Female empowerment and celebrating individuality has been a recurring theme throughout beauty — just look at Dove’s recent #LoveYourHair campaign. But Sater noted that Mary Kay’s point of differentiation is in its utilization of its actual employees. “It’s not just a bunch of models talking about their empowerment, it’s really our sales force. We didn’t put words in their mouth. It’s really their words,” Sater said.

In 2015, Mary Kay initiated the hashtag #MyMKLife to start seeding compelling personal stories from Mary Kay team members. The campaign launched on Aug. 29 with a print placement in USA Today and a billboard in Times Square, and the brand plans to continue to roll out new versions of it featuring different consultants in 2017.

Mary Kay is continuing to focus on its core business, which Sater noted is primarily dominated by skin care, thanks in part to its direct-sell method via the independent beauty consultants. As mass brands struggle to market antiaging skin-care routines to customers, Sater said the education and guidance offered by Mary Kay’s consultants give the brand a leg up. “Having that consultant is like having a personal trainer,” Sater said. “People get confused by the grocery and drugstore aisles…you’re going to work a little harder if you have a trainer and our consultants play that role, encouraging their regimen.”

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