Traditionally, Moncler has never shot a spring “institutional” — or brand — ad campaign, the reason being that spring isn’t really high season for the puffy down jackets for which the brand is known. That’s changing for this upcoming spring. Annie Leibovitz shot Moncler’s first spring campaign with a conceptual “Gulliver’s Travels” theme. Model Ignacio Ondategui, aka Gulliver, is pictured lying on the beach in Lilliput, land of the little, dressed in culottes and a light gray down waistcoat surrounded by the tiny Lilliputians, all of whom are clad in Moncler’s blue Longue Saison jacket.

The company said: “For the first time, Moncler decided to have an institutional ad campaign to strengthen the brand awareness in spring-summer season, too, and reinforce the presence on media all year long. Strategically, the ad campaign is planned in newspapers mainly, but not only. It had media mix based on print and on magazines, too.”

The campaign will drop in February.


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