Judy Price at her home in New York.

Avenue magazine founder Judy Price has a new project — trying to make the beauty world a more sustainable place.

Price has created the National Beauty Science Institute and recruited research and development leads from big beauty players such as LVMH Möet Hennessey Louis Vuitton, Coty Inc., the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc. and L’Orèal, who will work to create a beauty sustainability curriculum.. The idea is that by fall 2017, the board will have come up with a curriculum — either for a class or a series of classes — that students and professionals can take to learn more about sustainability within the beauty world, Price said.

Price, who has also worked as the president at the National Jewelry Institute, was driven to her newest initiative after noticing a shift in Millennial behaviors. Simply put, they care more about sustainability, she said.

“People in their 30’s are very different from people [who were] in their 30’s 20 years ago,” Price said. “Millennials want that freedom, and more than freedom, they want authenticity — they want to know about their green footprint on the earth.

“I don’t think [companies] ever looked at it before that way…they’re being forced,” Price said.

Her sentiment has been echoed by other industry executives, including Claire Hobson, global business director of The Future Laboratory, who noted at a presentation at a Cosmetic Executive Women Inc. event back in May that Generation Z in particular is looking to know that companies are “doing the right thing.”

Price started NBSI as a way for normally competitive organizations to find a way to work together for a common cause, she said.

“What is the substance behind the promise? If you look at the substance behind the promise and you turn the bottle over, I don’t know about you but I do not know what the difference is between organic or natural, and that is true for the smaller brands…or the big guys,” she said. “There’s no one definition.”

“I thought what we would do is we would assemble scientists, doctors, researchers to begin to assemble an advisory board, and there will probably be more people on the advisory board, so they can…find out about the substance behind the promise and help us craft a syllabus where we can teach people in a course…and then eventually my goal, so that we can reach further audiences, is to be online.”

Advisers include: Holly Andersen, attending cardiologist and associate professor of clinical medical and New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cornell Medical Center; Bruno Bavouzet, executive vice president of research and development at LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics; Sumit Bhasin, senior vice president of research and development at Coty Luxury; Achim Daub, global president of scent and care at Symrise AG; Elaine Fuchs, investigator at Howard Hughes Medical Institute and professor at the Robin Chemers Neustein Laboratory of Mammalian Cell Biology and Development at Rockefeller University; Josh Ghaim chief technology officer at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Cos.; Kurt Schilling, senior vice president of basic science research and advanced technologies at Lauder, and Michèle Verschoore, medical director at L’Oréal and attending physician at Hôpital Saint-Louis in Paris.