In the traditional sense, football players embody masculinity, but Dove Men+Care wants to present a broader depiction of the term.

The skin-care company has released its new campaign titled “Real Strength Highlight Reels,” that features NFL players’ off-the-field victories. Jordy Nelson, a wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers, and Carson Palmer, a quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, star in the campaign.

“Given that nearly half of men today feel modern masculinity is depicted inaccurately in TV advertising and sports, we decided to challenge the idea that athletes’ strongest achievements happen on the field by celebrating the personal experiences and heroics of football greats,” said Jennifer Bremner, director of marketing at Unilever, which owns Dove.

The campaign features Nelson, who was out this season due to a knee injury, taking his son to school in the morning and substituting a third-grade class while Palmer spent one-on-one time with his kids who also made care packages for the homeless.

“I’m more worried about my life off the field than my life on the field,” Nelson said. “All sorts of guys in the locker room would do anything for their families and this campaign is a great way to promote these stories.”

Bremner told WWD the videos will be featured during the NFL playoffs on various social media platforms and ESPN will run the campaign during high-traffic digital moments in conjunction with traditional highlights and analysis.

According to Bremner, Dove Men+Care, which launched in 2010, is the fastest growing men’s grooming brand in the U.S. outside of razors.

For 2016, Bremner said there are plans to release an oil control body wash and bar, a fortifying shampoo and conditioner, a defining pomade and a cool fresh dry spray antiperspirant.