Nourish Organic and J.R. Watkins

The wellness craze continues to invade consumers’ lifestyles and shopping preferences.

As antisugar, pro-superfood preferences build, shoppers are turning away from traditionally popular CPG products in exchange for health-conscious items instead. The Nielsen Product Insider examined evolving customer preferences, noting the shift in top motivating ingredients that’s driving shoppers to ditch go-to items.

Over the period of a year, personal-care items touting specific ingredients or requirements underwent double-digit dollar growth. The Nielsen Product Insider found that products specifying botanical extracts grew 5.6 percent — that number increased to almost 13 percent when messaging the ingredient specification and natural claim. Specified sulfate-free products increased by almost three percent. When accompanied with a sulfate-free specification and natural claim the growth increased to over 11 percent.

“Natural claims and free from ingredients aren’t the only things driving growth across the personal-care aisle. Items like shampoo and conditioners are gaining inspiration from the produce section, with some of the top-selling superfoods showing up as ingredients in these hair cleansing products,” a company spokesman said. “For example, strawberries as an ingredient in personal-care products saw growth of 107 percent, while coconut oil as an ingredient in these products grew 28 percent in the last year.”

What’s more, dollar growth of shampoo and conditioner with legumes as an ingredient increased by 24 percent. Shampoo and conditioner with quinoa in them rose by eight percent and those that featured avocado oil were up by six percent, the Nielsen research found.

As consumers continue to be drawn to health-conscious products, brands and retailers both in the beauty, wellness, and fashion categories will benefit from active messaging around ethically minded and eco-friendly initiatives. Look to partnering with influencers operating within the wellness space to attract shoppers who are swayed by superfood ingredients and chemically free products.

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