AtmosphereNordstrom Mens Store VIP Party, New York, USA - 10 Apr 2018

Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and J.C. Penney are among the fashion retailers that reached the top spots in the ABX Advertising Effectiveness Index for April. The fashion retail group tracked by ABX ran 125 ads last month and included retailers Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Sears, Old Navy and The Gap.

The ABX Index measures overall ad effectiveness and creativity across television, radio, digital, print and free-standing inserts. Each ad is rated by a consumer panel based on 15 variables (or very focused key performance indicators), with a score of 100 equaling “average effectiveness.” Awareness — or brand linkage — and “message” scores reflect the advertisement’s impact on audiences via its “reputation” and “call to action” scores.

Click here for a copy of the April 2018 Retailer Advertising Effectiveness Report for Retailers. 

Kohl’s’ “It’s not our everyday sale at Kohl’s” television ad scored as the best “Overall Ad” with an ABX Index score of 131, a swift 15-second spot flourishing with color and sound. The ad scored high on every KPI, with a very clear message at 131; high reputation score at 191; likability, 153, and high relevance at 145. Most notably, its intent to purchase score was very high at 145, as was most other call to action scores.

ABX’s Gender Equality Index ranked J.C. Penney’s “Outfits for Busy Moms” campaign as the number-one ad, a very effective but “low-key video” that features Bertha, the senior styling director at J.C. Penney, who outfits three different moms with varied body types. Its GEI score was high for females at 124, far above the norm of 100 for this index. The high GEI score helped earn an impressive Reputation score at 231, which was the highest score for the month of April. And the GEI score influenced a strong action score of 156. Other notable scores include relevance at 141; likability at 176 and going to the web (to see it again) at 209.

Taxis pass Saks flaship store on New York's Fifth Avenue, . Saks Inc. agreed to sell itself to Hudson's Bay Co., the Canadian parent of upscale retailer Lord & Taylor, for about $2.4 billion in a deal that will bring luxury to more North American localesSaks Acquisition, New York, USA

Saks Fifth Avenue Flagship Store.  Richard Drew/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Nordstrom’s “Looking Forward to Making Sure the Shoe Fits” ad was the highest ranking in print, which presented a male shoe salesman in a “friendly, helpful and hardworking” professional manner. The ad scored a high male GEI score at 108 and 108 again for its awareness score, likely due to the viewer not forgetting “where this fellow works and why you want to buy your shoes there,” according to ABX.

The best ad to “see again” is Old Navy’s “200 Washes for Denim” 15-second TV spot, which features a live-action in-sync dance routine, and each dancer is wearing a different pair of jeans; the ad is inclusive of all ages and sizes. Its overall ABX Index score reached 119; see again at 141; reputation at 155 and an action score of 123. Its GEI scores were average.

And the ad for highly “recommend” was Saks Fifth Avenue’s “Little Trendsetters,” an online ad that garnered an overall ABX Index score of 114. Its recommend score was the highest of the month in this demographic at 212, while going to the web (to learn more) earned 225. Targeted at adults that wish to purchase fashionable clothing for their children, the ad was analyzed via a “Homes with Children Under 18” filter. The ad garnered a high reputation score at 179 and action at 135. Interestingly, the ad scored a low appropriate score at 82.

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