For OGX, there’s no such thing as a bad hair day, just badass ones.

The brand is leveraging that PSA for its new digital campaign, appropriately called #badasshairdays.

“We kept hearing our consumers were having bad hair days,” said Dana Paris, chief marketing officer for OGX and Proganix. “So we’re changing the conversation.”
Starting today, the digital campaign will go live on Instagram with a game called Hair or Dare. Similar to truth or dare, a hair could be to take a selfie and tell the brand what they think is badass. A dare example can consist of a consumer flipping their hair twice and then taking a selfie. The contest will go on throughout the year and participants can win $1,000 plus a year supply of products.

“The contest is fun and edgy,” added Paris. “We’re not taking it too seriously.”

The challenges lead up to what OGX is calling National Badass Hair Day on May 26. OGX’s consumer is a Millennial ranging from age 18 to 34.
Meanwhile, OGX is experiencing double-digit growth every single year. The company will do $420 million in retail sales worldwide this year.