Marketers aim for personalization maturity, yet struggle to execute.

Retailers need their personalization processes to grow up. Or rather, they need to load their technology stack, bolster organizational culture and promote internal commitment toward personalization effectiveness if they wish to foster a connected customer experience.

Perhaps a customer purchases a white blouse online, then likely for the imminent future she is routinely shown white blouses from a product recommendation automation. Maybe she sees this so often she tires of white, and nobody tires of white.

This service tells the customer exactly what she bought — but not what she needs next. Or similarly, she traverses a storefront on her laptop and pulls the web site up on her phone to find her cart empty and a purchase impulse dry.

Highlighting an intrinsic need for personalization but poor execution, many marketing executives agree on the trends but fail to execute. Capturing the lag in implementing effective personalization processes, Dynamic Yield, an AI-powered personalization platform, released their results on personalization maturity in its second consecutive self-assessment test. The survey polled over 300 global executive respondents and categorized efforts in personalization by: absent, basic, advanced and pioneer levels.

While 97 percent of marketers across the Americas and Asia-Pacific regions believe personalization is essential to customer experience, only 36 percent confessed to being able to effectively deploy this data.

Pivotal to retail ahead, is tracking a singular customer’s movement on web, on mobile and in store. One customer, one identity — multiple channels. Yet according to Dynamic Yield’s survey, only a mere 5 percent of companies reported “having a single view of the customer to orchestrate personalization across channels.”

A deeper dive into the results means to demonstrate “advanced” or “pioneering” display of personalization maturity will necessitate a shift in human resources away from an ad hoc basis and toward permanent, dedicated teams.

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