E-commerce can benefit from omnichannel solutions.

In a retail environment that demands creative thinking — and a personal touch — brands are reported to be notably behind in personalization features. But while some brands lag, the most forward-thinking among them are taking actionable steps to keep up.

Enter Personas. Becoming available beginning in 2018, the solution will enable businesses to compute user signals from cross-channel and cross-device data resulting in a central customer record, with personalized experiences across every channel.

“Businesses can use Personas as a central record of their entire relationship with a customer,” said Peter Reinhardt, Segment’s cofounder and chief executive officer. “Brands can use this to create a personalized experience across all of a consumer’s touch points — whether in e-mail, advertisements, social media, push notifications, in-app, or even in-store.”

For example, with Personas, a retailer might take into account a customer’s favored categories and average order value, and then automatically sync this data to tools for push notifications or e-mail. By doing so, the retailer could then suggest relevant product recommendations at the appropriate price point for that customer.

And the personal touch pays off — according to a spokesperson from Segment, the solution has the potential to boost loyalty and revenue for businesses by providing the context which enables them to fuel personalization through every customer interaction.

“Personalization is incredibly important, but it is becoming an imperative for retail brands, because it is directly impacting spending and consumer loyalty,” explained Reinhardt. “This is a product that allows businesses to synthesize massive amounts of customer information into helpful traits that anticipate consumer needs.”

He continued that taking an omnichannel, personalized approach is key to success in today’s marketplace. “If you take a step back, and look at a consumer’s digital interaction with a brand, they are generating data across all devices and what typically tends to happen is that a user’s data is separated in different data silos,” he said.

The first step in reacting to that, he explained, is to create a “truly personalized experience” and to link all the necessary data together and organize it — but brands still have a long way to go.

“If they are unable to solve that first challenge, taking that extra action to personalize is nearly impossible,” Reinhardt confided. “Because Segment has spent the past five years helping customers connect the dots between their user data, we are now able to turn those dots into a profile of each their users and their interests.”

Summing up, Reinhardt expressed that a solution like Personas is critical for brands due to heightened consumer expectations of personalized experiences across digital and bricks-and-mortar channels.

“They don’t care if they were browsing on web, buying on mobile, or returning in-store,” he said. “They expect retailers to remember who they are across every touch point, and provide relevant promotions and recommendations.”

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