SamyRoad is entering the U.S. market.

According to its cofounder, Marta Nicolas, the platform is an influencer sourcing tool that also offers high-quality content creating capabilities.

“When I was working in marketing at L’Oréal in Spain, I didn’t see a tool that was doing what I wanted it to do,” said Nicolas, who cofounded the business with other marketing professionals in Madrid in 2013.

SamyRoad has a community of influencers within the fashion, music and travel industries who create and upload content to SamyRoad’s platform. Creators can also import content from other social media platforms. Companies, which pay for access to the site, are able to use Shinebuzz, an algorithm that helps pair brands with the most appropriate influencers, and SamyTrends, trends that SamyRoad compiles using the data it collects on its site to help direct marketing and campaign strategies.

SamyRoad also runs SamyMediaHouse, which helps brands create campaigns that utilize members from its community.

One of its latest campaigns was with DKNY, which wanted to promote its fragrance in Spain. SamyRoad sourced influencers based in Spain and Europe who had some sort of relationship with New York and created Instagram videos with influencers who detailed their experiences with the city. SamyRoad has also worked with brands including Essie, Procter and Gamble, Lancôme, Pepe Jeans and Maybelline.

SamyRoad, which recently launched an app, also holds events that highlight influencers on its site.

“Every month we showcase three talents from the platform and put them together to do some type of event,” said Nicolas. “It’s all about finding people that are doing something interesting and helping them network with other people or connecting them to other brands by showcasing what they can do.”

In Europe SamyRoad has about 30,000 influencers and in the U.S. they’ve brought on 3,000 members. Nicolas said the plan is to grow the business by launching the service in various countries.

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