At Fashion City, "Supreme" merchandise is something like fashion fan fiction, here featuring the brand's name alongside a character from Line App Friends.

Consumers doing online searches for “fake” and “replica” fashion apparel have increased by double digits, according to online marketing firm SEMrush, which looked at year-over-year global data for 2018 versus 2017. The firm said the number of searches rose 15 percent, and cited “Supreme” as the most searched brand.

Jana Garanko, a spokeswoman at the firm, said Supreme is “one of the most searched brands that people search with keyword ‘replica’ or ‘fake'” added that the second most searched brand was Ray-Ban, followed by Audemars Piguet, Oakley and Vans.

And while Supreme takes the top spot in total searches, it’s year-over-year growth was just 9.9 percent, which compares to 76.7 percent for Vans and Patek Philippe with 23 percent.

Garanko said searches for fakes is popular “and the trend seems to be rising. Some people are willing to close their eyes to the quality of the clothes and it’s originality. At the same time, people who search for fakes are happy to buy unique designer items at bargain prices.”

She noted that, on the other hand, “the market of fake clothes is growing yearly and constitutes one of the biggest threats to the global fashion industry, stealing sales and causing damage to hard-fought brand reputations.”

“It also affects a lot the branded searches for such brands, as people can be directed to fake clothes’ pages,” she said. “With all that being said, the marketing strategy of fashion brands need to be well-thought and elaborate in order to make customers happy and bring them high-quality clothes.”