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San Francisco-based consulting firm Tribe Dynamics has developed a proprietary approach to tracking and measuring social influence that assigns an earned media value (EMV) to campaigns based on publicity gained through endorsements and social word-of-mouth marketing accomplishments. The value of an individual endorsement varies by social platform based upon perceived trends in engagement with content on each respective channel. In addition, endorsements within the same platform range in value according to expected audience size, projected impressions and publisher count.

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WWD Beauty Inc asked Tribe to conduct a survey of holiday campaigns for the 2013 season. Tribe monitored the campaigns over a period of time spanning November 1 to January 1. Data for this study is based upon 50,000 top influencers within the beauty, fashion and lifestyle communities.

2013’s Most Socially Influential Holiday Campaigns

1. Nars
Guy Bourdin Holiday:

$480,907.30 EMV
Originally launched via Snapchat, Nars’ Guy Bourdin campaign earned the top slot thanks to the impressive amount of buzz the collection earned via YouTube. Video endorsements for the line, inspired by the fashion photographer’s provocative and shocking style, generated triple the number of views of any other promotion.

2. MAC
Stroke of Midnight:

$264,436.80 EMV
The most successful of MAC’s multiple holiday campaigns, Stroke of Midnight’s success can be attributed to word-of-mouth endorsements in the form of blogs and YouTube views. MAC’s community of fans over the entire year was one of the most active and influential in terms of original content created about the brand, and the holiday season was no exception.

3. Bobbi Brown
Old Hollywood:

$237,352.73 EMV
With Katie Holmes as its centerpiece, Old Hollywood generated more buzz than any other campaign amongst both individual beauty blogs and high-circulation blogs like Refinery 29. The actress’ transformation inspired much of the social chatter.

4. OPI
Mariah Carey Holiday:
$124,284.40 EMV
With just under 1,000 Facebook shares, this collection was endorsed by some of the most followed beauty influencers on the platform, including blogger Love for Lacquer.

5. Marc Jacobs

$107,869.10 EMV
This campaign was a social standout, particularly on Twitter. In addition to organic tweets about the collection by influential bloggers, the brand ran a series of giveaways via its own profile that were retweeted and shared at a steady pace.

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