By  on June 20, 2017

In order to keep in step with Millennial and Generation Z shoppers’ fleeting preferences, brands are turning to influencer marketing to present products to the socially savvy sets. Brands are increasingly left to navigate a cluttered influencer climate to discern the best fit for their initiatives. Necessitating the availability for databases and platforms to connect with tastemakers, platforms like StyleHaul furnish relationships between influencer and brands for premium visibility and engagement.

And for good reason: these demographics refer to social media to crowd-source approval of an item before completing a purchase and refer to their feeds for style inspiration and product research. “Gen Zs are inclined to consider the number of ‘likes’ a product or service receives on social media and the opinions of trusted bloggers,” said Accenture’s “Digital Dust” report on Millennial and Gen Z consumer behavior. “Seventy percent of Gen Z can’t wait to buy on social media and almost twice as many Gen Zs than Millennials turn to YouTube before making a purchase.”

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