Guy Ritchie Ted Baker

Ted Baker’s British roots were in full view Wednesday morning when the U.K.-based brand revealed a new James Bond-style film that is the centerpiece of its fall advertising campaign.

The three-minute film, directed by Guy Ritchie, is titled “Mission Impeccable” and centers around a secret agency, T.E.D., which is on a mission to capture The Needle, a villain who has stolen the company’s new fabrics. As a result of the theft, “the fate of fashion hangs by a thread.”

While the film may be tongue-in-cheek, its intent is serious business. Everything featured in the movie is completely shoppable at Nordstrom, the brand’s exclusive North American partner, as well as Selfridges and the Ted Baker site.

In a presentation at Google’s New York City offices, Lisa Green, head of industry, fashion and luxury brands for Google, described this as her company’s first fashion experience that is being powered by Google App’s voice search.

Viewers can click on what the actors are wearing in the film to place items into a vault, from which they can then purchase. In addition, anyone speaking certain code words written on store windows into the Google Voice app will receive clues to solve a riddle. Once solved, the user is awarded a prize that can be redeemed in the store.

“Wirewax is making the video instantly and beautifully shoppable with One-Click hot spots that literally track any product you see and love in the film,” said Dan Garraway, cofounder of the firm that created the shoppable function in the film. “Just tap one and you’ll see it seamlessly appear in your vault on the web site.”

In a Google Hangout session, a group from the Ted Baker London office joined the New York City gathering to explain the campaign. Craig Smith, global brand communication director for Ted Baker London, said creating a “narrative” is part of the company’s DNA so the idea of producing a film was a natural choice. “It’s an integral part of what we do, so this is a natural evolution for the brand,” he said.

Green said that 60 percent of traffic coming to fashion brands today arrives via mobile devices, so using a video instead of a runway show makes more sense for a company such as Ted Baker.

She also noted that with the launch of New York Fashion Week, Google is now working with fashion brands on search “carousels” created by the brands to show their most popular pieces to customers. And in the case of the see-now-buy-now labels, shoppers can actually purchase directly from the Google search page.

The Ted Baker film had its worldwide launch on Wednesday.