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NEW YORKTory Burch is going all-out with her new Gemini Link campaign.

The all-encompassing, worldwide effort features outdoor ads, store windows, digital, special events, celebrity tie-ins, video, social media and influencer content. This month and in October, outdoor ads will go up in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and London. The Gemini Link collection will be front-and-center in Tory Burch store windows through Sept. 26. Burch fans will also find Gemini imagery, including an animation-like one, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

The often-photographed model Suki Waterhouse was the first to wear a Gemini Link bag, and other influencers such as Miroslava Duma, Margaret Zhang, Blair Eadie and Valentina Ferragni are pitching in to help make the Gemini Link more visible.

While the designer is by chance a Gemini, the initiative is not derivative of anything remotely astrological. More to the point, the design motif — two gold-colored links joined together — hints at the duality of her life as an entrepreneurial designer who is also a mother (whose children include a set of twins). The ideology also reflects the creative and business sides of Burch. “Gemini to me personally is a concept of duality. I started the company based on the idea of designing beautiful products that didn’t cost a fortune,” she said.

First introduced in spring 2016 in pendant necklaces, bold cuffs, bracelets and rings, the Gemini Link has been featured in subsequent seasons, including in resort 2017 handbags, loafers and fashion. The detail at the center of the double link is a subtle reference to the brand’s double-T logo, which draws from Moroccan architecture and Burch’s favorite interior designer, David Hicks.

Having established an international brand since launching her company in February 2004, Burch, who serves as chairman, chief executive officer and designer, now operates 180 freestanding stores showcasing her ready-to-wear, shoes, accessories, watches, home and beauty. She also has a significant e-commerce business. In addition to her own stores, the collections are available in 3,000-plus department and specialty stores.

As is the case with other designers, Burch’s success has brought with it the problem of counterfeiting. But she said that had nothing to do with her decision to feature the Gemini Link more prominently. While counterfeiting remains a big problem for a lot of designers, Burch said, “That is not really why I started playing with the logo. This is not replacing our logo in any way.”

Gemini-rooted events in Tory Burch stores will be held in New York on Sept. 13, followed by ones in China next month and London in December. While some economists are wary of China’s financial forecast, the designer continues to see it as a big opportunity for her company. So much so that the company recently hired Michael Gonzalez as president for Asia and Nobuo Nagai as president, Japan.

More than anything, the brand’s commitment to Gemini Link reflects how it is making the most of interconnectivity and not just through technology. Outdoor advertising, for example, is not something the company has done a lot of. Burch said, “We’re looking at the world as a changing place. We always want to look at how we can do things differently.”