QUALITY PRODUCTS –  We are aware that today’s conscious consumers demand products which are organic, eco-friendly, luxuriously rich — and highly effective. It’s our team’s goal to achieve and sustain this excellence and to be the best organic beauty product purveyor in the world.  We preserve natural resources and biodiversity, ban animal testing and offer the finest natural ingredients with absolutely no harmful chemicals.

INFLUENCER RELATIONSHIPS – Through our relationship with TypeLab and Social Artists Intl. (SAI), we cultivate relationships with influencers and social celebrities that culminate in true advocacy for our brand. Our teams architect meaningful campaigns with thought leaders and trusted voices in the beauty industry. We don’t simply seek a large follower count, but rather stellar engagement metrics that translate to natural exploration of our products.

ECONOMICAL OPTIONS – We bring to market products that are a harmonious blend of two — often opposing — components: affordability and natural ingredients. Compared to the high price point of many competitors, we offer an exceptionally economical product without compromise.

RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS PROCESSESS – We embrace big-data and utilize analytics to drive our intelligence, partnerships, and strategies. We blend these findings with industry and competitive analysis, as well as consumer demographics, and build upon this intel to create meaningful brand stories that offer unique value propositions and experiences for our customers.

ETHICAL COMMITMENT –  We practice the most strident ethical, environmental and sustainable sourcing of ingredients to ensure we achieve — and maintain — the highest quality products available without depleting precious resources in our environs now and for the future. Ethical efforts are fostered via the raw ingredients we select from carefully chosen suppliers. They are commonly organic, vegan, and not tested on animals. We take great care of nature’s valuable resources — from ensuring that water is never wasted in the production process, to operating with best-in-class, cruelty-free, practices.

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