The image for the MAGIC show features both a man and a woman.

There will be a new marketing message at MAGIC when the shows open in Las Vegas on Monday — and it’s all wet.

UBM Fashion, which owns MAGIC, Project, Coterie, FN Platform and others, will unveil a campaign that was created in partnership with CoolGraySeven, a branding and advertising agency. The campaign will be revealed in installations located at the entrances of both the Las Vegas Convention Center, where the women’s and footwear shows are held, and Mandalay Bay Convention Center, where the men’s shows are located.

Titled “Where Spectacular Happens,” the campaign features the work of several photographers who specialize in underwater photography including Mallory Morrison, Henrik Sorensen and Thomas Barwick. They shot aquatic photos for each of the shows featuring merchandise that will be showcased at each.

Tommy Fazio, fashion director for UBM Fashion, said: “The campaign offers a less literal and more conceptual take on the ever-changing fashion landscape. Each campaign image captures this fluidity posing intriguing visuals representative of each category without emphasizing the product but the essence and vibrancy of each marketplace.”

The Tents @ Project image.

The Tents @ Project image. 

“Our brief was to develop a concept for UBM Fashion that would unite all of the shows under a single visual persona and brand message,” said Andrew Egan, founder and executive creative director at CoolGraySeven. “Moreover, there was a need to tell a bigger brand story about the added value that UBM Fashion offers through strategic partnerships and educational programs.”

Complementary marketing and creative will continue into the 2018 season.

The image for Stitch.  Courtesy Photo