Wal-Mart Stores Inc. took the two top spots in advertising effectiveness for April as measured by the ABX Advertising Benchmark Index. The company hit the right notes in overall tone with its messages on television and radio for its program to combat hunger.

For television, ABX researchers said Wal-Mart’s “Let’s Fight Hunger Together” spot “was again successful, this time with a [30-second] spot that addresses how shoppers and Wal-Mart can fight hunger together. All music and text; no spoken audio. Images of shoppers in the store making food choices and Wal-Mart employees packing food for shipments to food banks makes this ad compelling.”

To see the complete ABX report, click here.

The ABX Index score came in at 137 for the spot. ABX uses consumer panels to gauge effectiveness via 15 variables. For the Wal-Mart television ad, the retailer garnered a reputation score of 259, a call-to-action reading of 153 and a message score of 130. The company also scored well on the “gender-equality measures,” ABX said.

Click here to see the Walmart television spot.

A score of 100 equals “average effectiveness,” and the ABX Index is the “single most important score for overall effectiveness,” ABX added.

For April, the top retailers tracked by ABX ran 469 new ads, which the company said was about the same as March. For radio, Wal-Mart’s “Help Feed America” took the number-one position. The ad is an extension of the television campaign, and also runs 30 seconds. ABX researchers said the ad “clearly shares the importance of feeding America though donating to food banks, which Wal-Mart is leading. Scores are strong across the board, though reputation pops at 59 percent over [the] norm, and action at 26 percent [over the norm].”

For print ads, ABX said “Kroger dominated all print with another simple banner ad.” The grocery chain’s print ad came in with a 127 ABX Index score with a call-to-action measure of 146.

For digital ads, J.C. Penney & Co.’s “Power Penney Days” won the top position with an ABX Index reading of 124 for its “upbeat, fun, highly visual with clear text” ad. In the freestanding insert segment, Target Corp.’s “Time for a TargetRun” ad won out with an ABX Index score of 122. “Target takes first place in [freestanding inserts] with this gorgeous, colorful piece that offers highly relevant products,” ABX said. “The only challenge this ad has is a barely average-scoring ‘awareness’ measure, which means the audience didn’t quite understand ‘TargetRun.'”

The awareness measure came in at 103, but the call-to-action was 147 and the message score was 123.

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