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To Our Readers and Valued Partners,

In this digital era when so many media and news organizations are struggling and under extreme pressure, you — our valued WWD readers — are keeping us strong.

In March of 2015, WWD and its new owner, Penske Media Corp., made a strategic reexamination of our future. Together we decided it was critical that this venerable news organization embraced mobile and digital media first, and ended the 100 year-plus tradition of a printed daily newspaper. Throughout the newsroom, we all questioned how our readers would react — and whether we could keep them as engaged across our Web site and our Digital Daily.

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Day after day, over the last two years, we have seen the results and watched as the Digital Daily’s global audience continues to grow. “Old habits die hard and after so many years as a printed daily, we believed our readers would always prefer WWD in that format. But once the new Digital Daily launched, with its immersive reading experience and instant distribution, the industry never looked back,” said Ed Nardoza, editor in chief of WWD.

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This week, we are celebrating a meaningful milestone: WWD surpassed 50,000 paying Digital Daily subscribers.
With the global availability and borderless access of the Digital Daily, we now count (dedicated) subscribers in 84 countries. In total, with our digital and combined multi-platform subscribers, we have more readers than at any time in our 106-year history.

Paul Jowdy, senior vice president and group publisher of WWD, said, “With the continued growth of subscriptions to since our September relaunch, and the success of the Digital Daily, we have ambitious plans to reach 100,000 Digital Daily paid subscribers by the end of 2017.”

In addition, over the last two years, we’ve increased the size of our international and domestic operations — opening bureaus in China and Silicon Valley — while increasing our investment and furthering our commitment to covering the beauty and retailing sectors. Most importantly, we have maintained our longstanding commitment to delivering the highest quality news and information to the entire fashion industry.

We have you, our subscribers, to thank for this achievement. And we especially appreciate your confidence in our mission of providing independent, spirited journalism.

Finally, it’s no secret that the Internet has transformed the fashion and retailing businesses, and is upending the publishing industry as well. Numerous magazines have folded and more have scaled back and reduced their core asset, the talented journalists who are the lifeblood of their organizations.

With your continued support, we at WWD see a future with even greater certainty for this iconic brand. We will continue to put more energy and resources into WWD’s online edition, and our around-the-clock news coverage of one of the most exciting industries in the world.

Jay Penske

Chairman and CEO, Penske Media Corp.