Alberto Candiani

Albiate 1830 and Candiani Denim have teamed to showcase the brands’ Fine Fusions denim-based collection at New York Denim Days this weekend. The collection was designed by Matias Sandoval of Matias Denim and exhibited at Candiani’s downtown Los Angeles offices this past summer.

The two Italian heritage brands provided the fabrics for all the garments in this collection, “which include tops and bottoms: jackets, vests, shirts, tunics and pants.” The brands also said that together they have created “the perfect mix” with each offering “different kinds of fabrics that blend perfectly together in the creation of different, total looks and gender product categories.”

Attendees at New York Denim Days will have a chance to get a limited edition Matias Denim hat, which is created using both Albiate 1830 and Candiani materials. “Using laser technology, guests will [be able to] add personalized details to their hats with a design of their own making,” the brands added.

Silvio Albini, president of Albini Group, owner of the Albiate brand, said the denim market “is thriving; more than ever, consumers and designers alike are demanding high-end denim of impeccable quality.” Albini also noted that there’s “a kinship between Albiate and Candiani that’s evident when our fabrics, our team and our philosophies come together.”

Alberto Candiani, global brand manager for Candiani, said “like good ingredients make a good dish, we believe that high-quality fabrics make a high-end garment. With Fine Fusions, Albiate and Candiani will always give you a unique Italian tasting experience.”

Sandoval said the collection “is showcasing the range of textures and colors within Albiate’s light- and mid-weight fabrics, juxtaposed — and sometime merged — with the more traditional Candiani denim. It’s been a really fun, experimental approach to making luxury casualwear in Los Angeles with Italian sensibility.”

New York Denim Days is open to the public and runs Sept. 30 from 11 a.m. to­ 6 p.m. and Oct. 1 from 11 a.m. to ­ 5 p.m. at the Metropolitan Pavilion, which is located at 125 West 18th Street.

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