Allbirds' new socks collection.

Allbirds is making a logical leap.

The buzzy sustainable footwear brand is expanding to another category for the first time: socks.

Although Allbirds creates shoes that are soft enough to wear sockless, nearly 50 percent of its customers choose to wear socks with the footwear. So Allbirds will seek to fill that demand by offering hosiery.

The socks will be made from a new material called Trino, a proprietary yarn that combines Allbirds’ Tree material with merino to create a fabric that is cool, breathable and absorbent.

Joey Zwillinger, cofounder and co-chief executive officer, explained: “Although many people enjoy wearing our shoes without socks due to the softness of the fine wool we use, somewhere between a third to a half of our customers choose to wear socks with their Allbirds depending on the season. And rather than having these customers use conventional cotton socks, we thought we could do one better for them with our focus on materials innovation. That is why we’re excited to launch Trino, a proprietary blend of our fine merino wool and fibers from eucalyptus trees. The result is a material that is soft, breathable and super absorbent while still remaining dry to the touch.”

He said the socks are expected to appeal not only to existing customers, but “we also expect we’ll reach a new consumer looking for an undeniably comfortable sock, particularly if they are conscious about their impact on the planet.”

The launch collection will be available in three styles: Tubers, a classic crew that will retail for $16; Hiders, a no-show style for $12, and Quarters, an in-between option for $14. They will be available in six colors: watermelon, steel, onyx, sienna, flamingo and canary.

They will be available beginning at 9:00 a.m.
today at the Allbirds e-commerce site as well as the company’s retail stores in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston and Seattle this month.

He said it’s hard to estimate how much volume this new category will produce, adding: “Forecasting is tough. We know our customers want this product, which is a great start, and given that we are a direct-to-consumer business, we can react quickly once we see the demand. These socks are produced in the U.S., which gives us great agility once we see the early response from customers.”

Zwillinger said that while there are no other product launches planned for right now, “Trino is an incredible option for wide range of products. While we have a few developed ideas in the works, there’s nothing we can share just yet.”

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