A look from BPD Expo in New York.

BPD Washhouse, a full-service denim studio, said it will offer denim courses tailored for brands and retailers this spring. The course offerings include Garment Dye Science and Manufacturing and Denim 101, which will be held at the studio’s location in Jersey City, N.J., on April 12 and April 24 and 25, respectively.

Self-described as “a true denim studio for pure development,” BPD Washhouse is a solution-oriented, wet and dry process facility for commercial denim; the studio said it is the only full-service washhouse of its kind on the east coast. BPD Washhouse’s services include tacking, stone-washing, tinting, resin applications, safe stone-washing, pigment spraying, overdyeing, enzyme washing, grinding, sponging applications, hand sanding and garment washing. The studio has worked with brands such as Calvin Klein, Uniqlo, Target Corp., Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, DKNY and J.C. Penney Co. Inc., among others.

BPD Expo Unveils Spring 2019 Denim Collections

Its Garment Dye Science and Manufacturing class begins with a lecture, dives into garment dye vocabulary, color theory, the process of dyeing, common production issues and discusses other technical subjects of the dyeing process. The hands-on portion of the course includes lab dip-and-dye tutorials in the laundry, which is led by technicians who demonstrate their expertise in creating garment dye products on-site. And its Denim 101 course, which begins with a lecture, transitions into the details of the wet/dry process, addresses issues in production and working with vendors, and includes a hands-on experience with technicians that demonstrate techniques used in the laundry on a daily basis.

Photo courtesy of BPD Washhouse. 

Bill Curtin, the founder of BPD Expo and owner of BPD Washhouse, told WWD, “I started the classes Denim 101 and Garment Dye 101 to share and to teach those entering the industry. All too often in the world of fashion, and denim especially, there is a faux inclusiveness. People pretending to want to help, but really just concerned with their own situation. Afraid to share knowledge out of some sense of insecurity that someone might usurp them.” Curtain continued, “We at BPD embrace everyone’s curiosity and realize the next denim superstar may be sitting right in front of us. Additionally, most denim teaching classes are centered around a tutorial classroom setup. At BPD, since we are washhouse based, we give the opportunity to learn by doing. BPD classes are a hands-on experience, which is the best way to learn.”

“The students leave with a great sense of inspiration and confidence to advance in their current positions and we give them the ability to dream big about their future. We unlock all the secrets and mystery about denim and washing. We make them feel comfortable in making professional decisions.” Curtain said its students hail “from all functions including sourcing, product development, merchandising, sales, design, marketing and entrepreneurs,” and that participants include major brands such as Rag and Bone, Ann Inc., Express, Marc Jacobs, Macy’s, J. Crew and Perry Ellis.

“[Denim brands] all take the opportunity to invest in their employees,” Curtain said.

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