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Jeep, Coca-Cola, Disney, Ralph Lauren and Levi Strauss are the top five most patriotic brands respectively, according to the latest survey by Brand Keys.

Jeep, Coca-Cola, Disney, Ralph Lauren and Levi Strauss are the top five most patriotic brands respectively, according to the latest survey by Brand Keys.

To determine which brands were considered the most patriotic, Brand Keys did a statistical “drill-down” to identify, which of the 230 brands are most associated with the value of “patriotism.” Some 5,427 consumers, ages 16 to 65, were surveyed.

Many of the top 50 brands had the same score. After the top five, the next group of patriotic brands, in order, were Ford/Jack Daniels, Harley Davidson/Gillette, Apple/Coors, American Express/Wrigley and Gatorade/Zippo.

“When it comes to engaging consumers, waving the American flag and having an authentic foundation for being able to wave the flag are two entirely different things, and the consumer knows it,” said Robert Passikoff, founder and president of Brand Keys, the New York-based brand loyalty and customer engagement research consultancy.  “More importantly, believability is key to the engagement paradigm. The more engaged a consumer with a particular emotional value and the associated brand, the more likely they’ll trust that emotion and act positively on that belief. Generally speaking, where a brand can establish a real emotional connection, consumers are six times more likely to believe and behave positively toward the brand.”

When Passikoff did the survey last year, he said he received comments that some of the top 50 most patriotic brands didn’t belong because their products weren’t manufactured in the U.S. “That reflects a reality of the global economy and only the rational side of the decision-making process. One thing marketers should have learned about 21st century brands is those that make an emotional connection with the consumer always have a strategic advantage over competitors when it come to the marketplace battle for the hearts, minds and loyalty of consumer,” he said.

Among the top 50, several brands showed significant gains in patriotic engagement. The brands with notable increases include: Jack Daniels (18 percent), Coach (15 percent), Major League Baseball (11 percent), Coors, Wells Fargo (10 percent), American Express, Wrigley (9 percent) Goodyear, KFC (6 percent), Craftsman and Johnson & Johnson (5 percent.).

Passikoff said it’s no surprise that many brands in the top 50 are American icons, and several of them are new to the top 50 such as Coach, Converse, Goodyear, Johnson & Johnson, Major League Baseball and Wells Fargo.

With Independence Day right around the corner, below is the entire list of the 50 most patriotic brands with their respective scores. The survey included for-profit brands only.

1. Jeep (98%)
2. Coca-Cola (97%)
3. Disney (96%)
4. Ralph Lauren (95%)
5. Levi Strauss (94%)
6. Ford/Jack Daniels (93%)
7. Harley Davidson/Gillette (92%)
8. Apple/Coors (91%)
9. American Express/Wrigley’s (90%)
10. Gatorade/Zippo (89%)
11. Amazon (88%)
12. Hershey’s/Wal-Mart (87%)
13. Colgate (86%)
14. Coach/New Balance (85%)
15. AT&T/Google (84%)
16. Marlboro/Sam Adams (83%)
17. John Deere/Louisville Slugger/Smith & Wesson (82%)
18. L.L. Bean/Facebook (81%)
19. Craftsman Tools/GE/Wells Fargo (80%)
20. 49ers/Cowboys/NFL/Patriots/ (79%)
21. MLB/New York Yankees/Wrangler (78%)
22. Campbell’s/Gibson/KFC (77%)
23. Goodyear/Wilson Sporting Goods (76%)
24. J&J/Kellogg’s/Tide (75%)
25. Converse/Heinz (74%)
26. McDonald’s (72%)