PARIS — Copenhagen International Fashion Fair is broadening its horizons. The edgy Danish trade show platform will debut a regular event in Paris next January, the show’s director and creative director Kristian Andersen told WWD.

The event — featuring men’s and pre-collections — will be something of a hybrid between a trade show platform, a cultural event and a showroom, featuring art, music and lifestyle as well as fashion, he explained, in a bid to bring excitement and novelty. While the concept will be renewed every six months, he said, it will not have a fixed location or format.

“We are not going to create a new monster trade show,” said Andersen. “It will be a flexible concept. It’s not about presenting a list of brands with square racks. We see that all over the world, and it’s not interesting. I don’t believe traditional formats will survive in the future.”

Some 100 brands from all over the world, not just from Denmark, have already applied for the showcase, he said. “It has been received so positively that we want to do something more permanent in Paris.”

CIFF also plans to stage regular showcases in New York and London during men’s collections from 2020, Andersen revealed. Also in the works is an event during Art Basel Miami this Dec. 5, he said.

This August during Copenhagen Fashion Week, CIFF plans to stage “Homecoming Project” a cultural event for which it will partner with London-based concept store Machine-A’s founder Stavros Karelis, who already collaborated with CIFF for its edition that ended Feb. 2 this year, as reported.

“It’s a creative exchange of music, art and fashion to allow people to collaborate, interact and exchange,” explained Karelis. “It’s very different from what people expect from a fashion fair. It’s quite rare in this industry to have that creative freedom.”

Pitched as a cultural exchange between Copenhagen and Lagos, the Homecoming Project at CIFF, which runs Aug. 8 to 10, will center on music, craft and knowhow, highlighting African culture and the Nigerian capital’s vibrant creative scene.

“I’m very excited we will work with another continent,” said Andersen. “CIFF’s community is super open-minded. Sales can be more entertaining, dynamic and more about experience than [just] walking through the racks at a trade show.”

He continued, “We’ve created this family feel [with our brands], which is good in these brutal times. It is brutal to be a young talent, and we want to take you on a journey and hopefully you’ll make some extra money on the way.”