Coterie, Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

Accessories can be susceptible to fad influences and impulsive changes to match the pace with consumer demands. The problem is that when those items finally hit the shelves, said trend is already tired. So, what’s a brand to do in order to appear relevant, but not desperate? Ask Ori Lehavi, creative director of Israeli accessory line, Daniella Lehavi. The line flawlessly merges commercialism and timelessness — not a small feat. During the UBM Fashion Coterie trade show, Lehavi spoke on the brand’s DNA and key components to the line.

WWD: What trends in the market are especially strong at the moment?

Ori Lehavi: Ethnic is really strong right now, and I see a lot of pinks, not only in fashion, but everywhere, also in interior design and graphic design, pink is going crazy. I’ve also seen lots of black and white, or black and cream.

WWD: Why is color resonating well?

O.L.: People keep looking for something new to excite them, and it hasn’t been around for a while.

WWD: What continues to inform your inspiration?

O.L.: We’re based in Israel, in Israel there’s a lot of laid-back, beach culture. But it still has its own heritage and history. It’s a combination of laid-back sensibilities and toned-down sophistication.

WWD: E-commerce is making the world smaller, how is that affecting your business?

O.L.: We get e-mails from people from Australia to South America asking about the brand because they follow us on Instagram or saw us on Facebook.

WWD: Has this global approach also affected your design process?

O.L.: We work really hard to look for the most unique materials — we travel the world to search for them because especially here in America, I see a lot of the same things over and over again. So it’s something that we work really hard to find all over the world.