Gregor Simmons in her new showroom.

Gregor Simmons has opened a 2,200-square-foot fashion co-op, where brands can rent space at 270 West 39th Street in New York.

In  2017, Simmons sold her 25-year-old business, Gregor Simmons Ltd., a fashion merchandising consulting firm focused on serving independent specialty stores in the designer, better and contemporary markets, to The Doneger Group. She served as director of specialty stores at Doneger until August.

Simmons said she came up with the idea that she wanted to be on the other side of the business before COVID-19 threw a wrench in everyone’s lives. She officially opened her showroom last Thursday, and is representing several apparel and home lines.

Gregor Simmons will be focused on better-to-bridge sportswear and lifestyle products.

Among the brands she is currently representing are Dolcezza, a print-driven sportswear collection from Montreal; Dismero, an Italian sportswear collection; A’nue Miami, washable and packable layering pieces based in Miami; Fig & Bella, a home collection of tie-dyed pillows, cotton table clothes, linen napkins, and candles collection based in Clinton Corners, N.Y.; Nouvelle/Silk 95 Five, a casual collection in silk based in Miami; Finley Shirts, a Dallas-based shirts and casual dress collection; Iris Setlakwe, a Montreal-based seasonless collection in novelty fabrics and matte jersey; I by Iris, a Montreal-based casual soft dressing line; Ever Sassy, a Montreal-based comfortable line in solids and prints, and In Transit 2 Leathers, a Miami-based luxury leather jacket company.

So far, she said she’s had virtual appointments and has met with a few specialty stores in the showroom. She said she handles the sales of the lines, but is not on commission. The brands pay rent for the showroom space. The company is available for appointments, either by Zoom or in-person.

Each of the brands is separated with glass offices. “It’s almost like a fashion WeWork,” she said.