The scene at the Kingpins Amsterdam denim fair.

“Complete product accountability is on the horizon,” according to Kingpins Transformers, a summit series developed by Kingpins Show organizers in partnership with House of Denim. The firm said it will host “dual events with experts” centered on embracing transparency throughout the denim industry.

The Kingpins Transformers: Transparency summit will host conversations on transparency at daylong events that precede Kingpins shows at Westergastheater, Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek facility and in New York on Apr. 18 and 19 and June 6 and 7, respectively.

A biannual conference that focuses on social, environmental and economic challenges facing the denim industry, Kingpins Transformers shines a light on strategic solutions created and utilized by industry members. Established to advance the sustainability efforts of corporate responsibility officers, brands, designers, mills and other members of the denim supply chain, Kingpins Transformers seeks to be “the modern-day forum for the sharing of ideas and the implementing of change to make the jeans industry more environmentally viable, socially responsible and financially sound,” according to the firm.

The panelists of Kingpins Transformers fielded questions on sustainability for denim businesses across the production chain

Panelists at Kingpins Transformers fielded questions on sustainability for denim businesses across the production chain. 

The summit will feature speakers, panels and interactive sessions that tackle transparency from different vantage points across the denim supply chain, including topics such as fiber, textiles, technology, chemicals, and machinery sectors. Kingpins Transformers said that it “aims to educate companies in order to help them move forward” and inspire brands and retailers looking to pivot toward a more transparent and sustainable business model.

Confirmed speakers for its Amsterdam show include Robin Cornelius, Product DNA, founder; Dr. Christina Raab, ZDHC, implementation director; Tricia Carey, Lenzing, director global business development, denim; Ignasi Cubiñà, Eco Intelligent Growth, cofounder and director; Baptiste Carriere-Pradal, Sustainable Apparel Coalition, vice president, Europe; Frouke Bruinsma, G-Star Raw, corporate responsibility director, and Helen Sahi, Avery Dennison’s global senior director of sustainability.

Andrew Olah, the founder of Transformers, said that “Transparency is the ultimate commitment by brands and retailers to share all available information about their products. Today, most brands aren’t held accountable for their product components. But that’s going to change. Companies that think transparency is just a buzzword with no bite are likely to be eaten alive when it does.”

Olah added, “I don’t think anyone has reached full transparency — it is a road. Many of our speakers will talk about the road they are on, their strategies and challenges.”

Kingpins Transformers is sponsored by Rivet magazine.

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