They’re ramping up on the West Coast.

Los Angeles trade-show and market-week organizers are adding fresh elements, aiming to capitalize on robust and growing retailer attendance.

The California Market Center is attracting more buyers with the addition of trade shows such as Shape, along with a focus on growing contemporary showrooms, noted Rebecca Aguilar, a marketing spokeswoman for the center.

The Dakota and Hanger multibrand showrooms made their debuts at the CMC this month and are seen as “pioneers of bringing that [contemporary] business back,” Aguilar said.

The Shape show, which bowed in March, has some 30 ath-leisure brands and is aiming for 40 by October.

Brand Assembly, a mix of contemporary and better contemporary brands in the Cooper Design Space, is expanding in October when it will take up the entire 11th floor.

“October always seems to get better,” said Cooper leasing director Mona Sangkala. “There are more lines here and for most stores it’s a bigger season, so they have more money to spend.”

Buyer attendance has been growing 5 to 10 percent the past three years at the New Mart, said building manager Ethan Eller.

“During the recession, people cut down on spending and fashion sales plummeted,” Eller added. “Now people need to fill their closets back up. This is a natural rebound from the recession.”

The Melange fashion and technology fair is new at the New Mart and set for a September run.