Tencel Luxe Launch Event in Paris. Photo credit: Raul Cabrera & Novelty

The Austrian fiber firm Lenzing Group said it launched its new product, Tencel Luxe, at an exclusive event in Paris. Tencel Luxe is a branded lyocell filament that marks a step forward for the company, as it is the first time Lenzing will enter the filament market and the premium segment of the fabrics market.

Tencel Luxe-branded filaments complement noble fibers such as silk, cashmere or wool and offer “superior aesthetics, performance and comfort levels” suited for the premium market. Due to its wood-based origin, Tencel Luxe filaments are naturally breathable and provide exceptional color fastness as well as a silky, smooth hand that allows for a “liquid-like drape” across a wide range of silhouettes, the company said.

Its eco-botanic Tencel Luxe filament is made of wood pulp sourced from sustainable wood in accordance with Lenzing’s Wood and Pulp Policy. The filaments are produced by a closed-loop lyocell production process via minimal raw material consumption and low process water and energy use. Its production process received the “European Award for the Environment,” presented by the European Union.

TENCEL TM Luxe Lyocell gebrandetes Filament-Garn - Lenzing AG Foto: Neumayr/MMV 9.10.2017

Tencel Luxe Filament. Photograph by Michael M. Vogl  Copyright by: FRANZ NEUMAYR Pres

Stefan Doboczky, the chief executive officer of the Lenzing Group, said that “We are committed to setting industry standards in order to enhance the protection of our environment while making filaments for fabrics that are designed to appeal to the most sophisticated consumers. The launch of Tencel Luxe is a further sign of our ongoing commitment towards innovation and sustainability. The expansion plan represents the next consistent step in the implementation of our sCore Ten strategy and is a commitment of Lenzing as a hub for research and development and engineering.”

Heiko Arnold, the chief technology officer of the Lenzing Group, said that “The decision for the Lenzing site in Austria as a hub for Tencel Luxe helps to build up a strong knowledge base for this new technology at the headquarters of the company. Here we can fully leverage the proximity between operations, research and development, customer service and the engineering organization to accelerate the development of this technology for the production of Tencel Luxe on a bigger industrial scale.”

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