A look from the Clover and Sloane line.

Maggy London International Ltd. is adding a younger, trend-driven line for the Millennial woman called Clover and Sloane.

The dress company will show the collection next month at the Coterie Show at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Wholesale price points are $44 to $54, with retail starting at $88 up to $108. The first delivery is scheduled for February 2018 for spring. A little more fashion forward than its older sibling, the Clover and Sloane designs feature a more contemporary fit such as higher waistlines and shorter skirts. The February collection contains details such as ruffles and whimsical prints.

Matt Sirota, division president, said the projected sales for the new line are “$5 million in the first year.”

As for the decision to add the line, Sirota said: “Maggy London is celebrating its 38th year. It’s known as an important legacy brand in the better dress market. We’ve looked over the years at potential licensing concepts, but never found the fight fit. We were looking for ways to grow the top line of our business, and then tried to identify the white space in the dress market that wasn’t being addressed by the branded businesses.”

He also said its regional representatives reported that department store buyers at company showrooms have been looking for merchandise that would appeal to the younger consumer.

The new line will also have the dress firm reacting sooner to fashion trends, perhaps in the same season or one season later. “The new division addresses the consumer who is 25 to 35, maybe 40, who wants to be on trend. We will address that a little bit faster than [we do at] Maggy London. Maggy London sometimes waits a little bit longer, at least a season or two later, before incorporating a trend,” Sirota said.

Currently, the Maggy London brand offers five seasons, with shipping deliveries every month. That will also be the case for Clover and Sloane.

While Maggy London is at a higher retail price point — $128 to $138 for daytime dresses and $148 to $168 for evening dresses — due to some added detailing, both lines will feature similar fabrications.

On tap for the marketing plan will be an effort with social media influencers to engage the targeted Millennial consumer. The company hasn’t yet signed any agreements with influencers, and the marketing wouldn’t occur until closer to the February shipments.


A look from Clover and Sloane.  Courtesy Photo

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