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Pantone has added 210 shades to its color palettes.

The additions bring the total number to 2,310 in its color system. Pantone is an international trend-spotting intelligence firm focused on color selection for designers and colorists working in fashion, home and interiors.

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, said, “The extension of our range, what we tried to do, is to make certain we incorporate for the people who use our system the direction [regarding the] needs in color based on what consumers tell us.”

The last time there was an addition was nearly three years ago, with about the same number of additions. “The difference this time from last time is the idea of healthy colors. It speaks to food and how you cook, what you are using, as well as more of the exotica, such as colors that people are understanding better now, like the orange family,” Eisemen said.

While the company has been studying the orange family for some time, it was one of those hues that went in and out of fashion. The recent resurgence and longevity of the color was one surprise in the latest study, according to Eiseman. “There’s a certain exoticness [with orange] and many other cultures are now embracing the shades of orange. More are appearing on the horizon and people are intrigued. We have dragon fire, exotic orange, aura orange and, what you could cook with, mango mohito,” she said.

The growth of the orange shades reflects an “influence of what is happening all over the world — we are so much more attuned to other cultures that embrace color,” she noted.

Eiseman also said there’s been interest in the  idea of being healthy, hence the addition of shades within the pink family. “Looking healthy is very important in today’s society. More colors now convey that, and in fashion, people are surrounding themselves in the color. We now have names like love potion and pink peacock. At the opposite end of the pink [spectrum] are the brights and playful [shades]. We added those colors that we think best demonstrate those feelings,” she said.

And perhaps as a reflection of how busy life can get, there’s also been an increase in the number of blue shades. “We have made a number of additions to the blue family, such as the ethereal and vacation destination blues. If you look at the names, they suggest a calm feeling. Ibiza blue, island paradise, zen blue and blue horizon — these are colors that speak to that need for relaxing and serenity.…Our job is to drill down and take it one step further to fill the needs of the emotions they express,” Eiseman said.

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