Revtown is ready for the next step.

The Pittsburgh-based denim brand, which was launched by Under Armour expats in early 2018 and with an initial focus on men’s jeans, has brought its eco approach to women’s. The brand is sold directly to consumers online and through some Nordstrom doors.

To help set its course in women’s, the brand put out a call for real women — connecting with fitness instructors, makeup artists, chefs, YouTubers and more — for large-scale fittings to get both real-time feedback and ideas.

The result, priced at $79, comes in three fits, including skinny, high-rise skinny and high-rise straight.

Revtown has a digital tailor online that helps shoppers find the right size — with more than 90 percent accuracy — in four clicks.

“We’ve taken everything we’ve learned over the past year and a half and applied that to our women’s lineup, which we feel will help take the company to another level,” said Jennifer Carcich, Revtown’s women’s designer.

Going into women’s is a big step for Revtown and its founders, who moved from the big corporate structure at Under Armour into start-up mode.

Steve Battista, cofounder and chief marketing officer, told WWD: “The lessons learned, they’re daily and sometimes you think back to past experiences and sometimes they’re just totally new. The exciting thing about building a brand from scratch right now is just that it’s so fast and so quick and so direct with the consumer, that the feedback is immediate.”

Battista’s phone makes a tone every time the company sells a pair of jeans.

“My goal is to get it to be so annoying that we have to turn [the phone alert] off and we can’t do it anymore,” he said. “We’ve come pretty close this past week” as the presale for the women’s looks began.

The brand’s looks are designed in Los Angeles and made in Guatemala with Italian yarn. Turnaround times are quick and the brand can react to changes in the market in weeks.

“We know it’s not about chasing every single trend,” Battista said. “But in the same breath, the amount of newness that we bring to the table every few weeks…is very helpful.”

Revtown uses what it calls Decade Denim — a patented fabric with four-way dynamic stretch — that uses Better Cotton Initiative-certified fibers and an approach that ensures 100 percent of waste is recycled into denim yarn or insulation for housing. The goods are also dyed using shrimp and nut shells as well as orange peels in a process that uses 30 percent less energy and 50 percent less water than traditional dyeing techniques.

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