The following seminars are held at LVCC, home of WWDMAGIC, and Mandelay Bay Convention Center (MBCC). For more information, log on to

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8 a.m.:
Show Floor ABC’S… Welcome New Stores
All the insider information needed to ensure a successful buying experience, including show-floor layout, scheduling and time-maximization tips, definitions of various terms and an introduction to new vendors.

8 a.m.: The Next Frontier in Digital Commerce: Achieving Growth While Protecting Your Brand Presented by American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA)
LVCC, Room S229
Digital commerce and omnichannel marketing are the greatest growth sectors for our industry. This conversation explores how counterfeiters take advantage of consumer search patterns to sow confusion and lure shoppers to sites selling counterfeits, along with providing pragmatic advice from brand-protection practitioners on how to stem the tide of lost revenue and increased costs.
Moderator: Frederick Felman, chief marketing officer, MarkMonitor
Panelists: Deborah Greaves, general counsel, True Religion Brand Jeans; Daniel McKinnon, senior trademark counsel, New Balance; Brian Winterfeldt, partner, Steptoe & Johnson, LLP

10 a.m.: Sourcing Outlook for 2013
LVCC, Room S229
Leading global players give their views on the complex considerations of apparel and accessory sourcing: areas to investigate for future sourcing initiatives, the use of private-label specialists to meet specific needs in multiple markets, creating local sourcing strategies within an international structure and the new set of rules when introducing brands into international markets including laws, free-trade agreements, benefits and more.
Moderator: Katherine Stein, director of international business development, softlines, SGS North America
Panelists: Ken Mangone, former executive vice president, product development, design and sourcing, J.C. Penney; Courtney O’Keefe, senior vice president, product development and sales, Norwest USA/PDS Multinational; Crystal Button, vice president global sourcing/tech design, OneStopPlus (Redcats USA)

10:45 a.m.: Spring/Summer 2014 Trend Forecast and Color Direction for Men and Women
LVCC, Room S233
Trend expert Lilly Berelovich reviews the major callouts for spring 2014 including key themes, materials, shapes, patterns and accessories. Note: Trends reviewed in this seminar are featured at Sourcing’s Trend Gallery, created by Fashion Snoops.
Speaker: Lilly Berelovich, founder and chief creative officer, Fashion Snoops

11 a.m.: Accessories Update: The Panoramic View
LVCC, WWDMAGIC Buyer’s Suite
From assortment strategies to business-boosting tips, this session discusses an overview of today’s accessories marketplace.
Speakers: Emily Blumenthal, author, “Handbag Designer 101,” and founder, HBDNetwork and The Independent Handbag Designer Awards; Karen Giberson, president, Accessories Council

11 a.m.: The Doneger Group Presents: Men’s European Designer Shows, Fall 2013
MBCC, Islander G
An analysis of the Milan and Paris Men’s fall 2013 runways, highlighting product and merchandising ideas. All the news from the most influential designers in the world of menswear, the trendsetting talents.
Speakers: David Wolfe, creative director, Doneger Creative Services; Tim Bess, men’s fashion/trend analyst, The Doneger Group

11:30 a.m.: Design, Style and Sourcing: Contemporary Fashion Houses
LVCC, Room S229
Featuring speakers from Edun, founded by Bono and Ali Hewson; Eileen Fisher; AllSaints U.K.; and the CFDA-nominated Suno brand, this special seminar event examines the movement toward the sustainable, ethical and innovative side of sourcing products, fabrics and skills — including the impact of sourcing on the people who make our apparel and firsthand speaker experiences both at home and abroad.
Moderator: Barbara Ende, president, Sycamore Marketing Group
Panelists: Deborah Keiser, global supply chain director, AllSaints Spitalfields; Melanie Reichler, vice president product manufacturing/sourcing, Edun; Shona Quinn, sustainability leader, Eileen Fisher; Nadiyah Bradshaw, head of sourcing/production, Suno NY

12:30 p.m.: Denim’s Magic and the Cool Innovations Coming Our Way
LVCC, Room S231
A utilitarian fabric first produced in the 1700s in Genoa, Italy, denim has become the star of the fashion industry. Here, denim experts discuss this style mainstay — from the innovative ways U.S. and worldwide denim brands are sourcing, to new production methods and more.
Moderator: Barbara Ende, president, Sycamore Marketing Group
Panelists: Andréa Bernholtz, cofounder and former president, Rock & Republic and founding partner, Brand Aid Inc; Enrique Silla, founder, Jeanologia and managing director, EuroTrend; Liviu Goldenberg, senior vice president, sourcing, passport apparel/Marithé + François Girbaud Jeans

1 p.m.: The Footwear & Accessories Forecast: From Definitive Fall Trends to a First Look at Spring and Fall 2014
LVCC, Room S233
London trend forecaster delves into upcoming footwear and accessories buying directions: a summary of fall 2013; a first look at spring and fall 2014 colors, themes and key products; and adapting trends to the target audience.
Speaker: Janna Jatyri, CEO, Trendstop

1:30 p.m.: Keynote Presentation: From Basics to Billions
LVCC, Room S229
An entertaining journey through Asia, Latin America and Europe, reflecting on opportunities for today’s apparel and accessories executives. Hear the story of one company’s break with tradition that turned a small factory into a $1 billion global giant.
Opening Remarks: Kevin Burke, ceo, AAFA
Keynote Presenter: Rick Helfenbein, president, Luen Thai USA

2:30 p.m.: The Americas: Sourcing Options in Our Hemisphere
LVCC, Room S231
Ease of access to end-market is becoming sought after by sourcing executives in major markets worldwide. As brands and retailers reevaluate their sourcing allocation, they are continually looking to bring manufacturing “closer to home.”
Moderator: Walter Wilhelm, ceo, Walter Wilhelm Associates
Panelists: Barbara Nicholson, vice president operations, Brooks Apparel/Moving Comfort; Carlos Arias, ceo, Kaltex Apparel; Simon Cohen, cofounder and president, 291 Venice and former president, Michael Stars; Alfredo Frech, vice president, business development and marketing, Industrias Merlet; Don Young, ceo, Merchant Coterie; Anthony Travis, sourcing manager, Perry Ellis International

2:30 p.m.: How to Expand Your Brand Through Licensing
LVCC, Room S233
Licensing and fashion insiders share key strategies, requirements and opportunities to help expand your brand’s global footprint through licensing partnerships, collaborations and product-category expansion.
Moderator: Ilse Metchek, executive director, The California Fashion Association
Panelists: Rick Cytrynbaum, ceo, Modern Vintage/House of Harlow 1960; Chris DeMoulin, president, Licensing, Advanstar; Monte Henige, ceo, Tru Fragrance; Todd Kaufman, director brand management, Beanstalk; Staci Riordan, attorney, Fox Rothschild

3 p.m.: The Doneger Group Presents: Women’s Big Picture for Fall and Beyond
LVCC, N231-N237
Rethinking fashion for today’s world. The big-picture ideas affecting trends and design for now and the future, including a guide to all of the key must-have colors, textiles and styles for the season.
Speaker: David Wolfe, creative director, Doneger Creative Services

3 p.m.: How to Open and Run a Successful Retail Store
LVCC, WWDMAGIC Buyer’s Suite
Derived from the eight-hour workshop, a one-hour crash course detailing the most important factors retailers need to know, while helping stores sidestep the stumbling blocks that cause nine out of 10 new stores to fold within the first year.
Speaker: Mercedes Gonzalez, director, Global Purchasing Cos.

3 p.m.: Expanding Your Ready-to-Wear Business to Footwear Presented by Modern Pulse Consulting
LVCC, Room S229
Expert input and best practices for adding footwear to a retail or wholesale operation, including key differences that will enable companies to better execute this additional category — from lead time to operations, margins and more.
Speaker: Len Pesko, managing partner, Modern Pulse Consulting

4 p.m.: Moving Through the Portal of Color: Spring/Summer 2014
LVCC, Room S233
A look back at the past and discovery of a fresh new color perspective for spring — where color stories have become more mellow and sophisticated.
Speaker: Laurie Pressman, vice president, Pantone Color Institute

9 a.m.: Pre-Fall 2013 Fashion Overview
LVCC, WWDMAGIC Buyer’s Suite
A comprehensive overview of pre-fall 2013 trends, including the season’s hot colors, fall must-have items to help navigate the market and a summary of WWDMAGIC’s trend-driven runway shows.
Speakers: James Campbell, owner and producer, James Campbell Productions; Lilly Berelovich, founder and chief creative officer, Fashion Snoops

9:30 a.m.: Need for Speed: Expectations and Realities of Increasing Speed to Market
LVCC, Room S231
A realistic overview of what’s working and what’s not when it comes to getting product off the shelf and into the mainstream marketplace, from the viewpoints of manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer and anyone else involved in the supply chain.
Speakers: Pat Devaney, vice president, Stella International; Cliff Sifford, ceo, president and cmo, Shoe Carnival; Tom Romeo, owner, Bearpaw; Abe Rogowski, owner, Shoe Parlor

10 a.m.: WGSN Presents: Macro Trends and Consumer Direction
LVCC, Room S233
A summary of the inspirational and commercial trends that will impact businesses, including a seasonal recap of key design, color and retail trends plus up-to-the-minute insights into the changing consumer landscape.
Speaker: Andrea Praet, senior trend specialist, WGSN

10:30 a.m.: Obama’s Second Term: Focus on Trade and Apparel
LVCC, Room S229
With President Obama focused on trade negotiations and new agreements that will play an important part in the apparel sourcing supply chain, industry experts examine the ins and outs of the current administration’s position, ongoing negotiations like the Trans-Pacific Partnership and more.
Moderator: Julie Hughes, president, U.S. Association of Importers of Textiles and Apparel
Panelists: Gail Strickler, assistant U.S. trade representative; Mark Jaeger, senior vice president, general counsel and secretary, Jockey International

11 a.m.: Exciting Accessories Opportunities to Get Your Store Register Ringing
LVCC, WWDMAGIC Buyer’s Suite
A session aimed at increasing sales — including identifying customers’ needs, being realistic when shopping for accessories, getting the most out of accessories vendors and using out-of-the-box events to attract customers, press and business-building buzz.
Speaker: Emily Blumenthal, author, “Handbag Designer 101,” and founder, HBDNetwork and The Independent Handbag Designer Awards

11:15 a.m.: Fashion Business Legal Basics: Licensing, Supply Chain and Protecting Your Brand
LVCC, Room S231
A crucial look at the legal information necessary to do business today: the important role of trademarks in protecting brands in the U.S. and abroad; the penalties within various states’ Transparency in Supply Chain Acts; looking at licensing deals to expand your market, and the legal ramifications within employee and contractual relationships that surround even social media.
Moderator: Ilse Metchek, executive director, California Fashion Association
Panelists: Craig Morris, managing attorney, trademark outreach, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; Suzanne White, associate general counsel, Coach; Scott Shaw, attorney, Call & Jensen

11:30 a.m.: Faster, Easier and Fun: The Emerging Digital B2B Marketplace
LVCC, Room S233
Powered by Shop The Floor
Much as the notion of the store has changed in recent years due to digital technologies, the marketplace continues to evolve by enabling greater individualization, immediacy and efficiency. Oxford University retail researcher Paula Payton leads a roundtable on opportunities and challenges in the new model emerging for buyers and brands.
Moderator: Paula Payton, Oxford Institute of Retail Management, Said School of Business, Oxford University
Speakers: Graham Kahr, social scientist, Zappos Development; Segundo Broggi Muro, vice president of sales, Desigual North America; Michael Crotty, vice president, marketing, Nordstrom

1 p.m.: New Technology Options: From the Design Floor to the Retail Floor
LVCC, Room S231
Innovation is the key to success in the 21st century, and nowhere is the impact being felt more than along the fashion supply chain. From the desks of designers and product development teams to the factory floor, the retailer and today’s digital consumer, this session provides an overview of new technology innovations impacting the fashion supply chain and helping companies create and sell fashion to China and the world.
Moderator: Will Duncan, vice president, business development, (TC)2
Panelists: Joe Walkuski, founder and ceo, Texbase; Dr. Mike Fralix, president and ceo, (TC)2; Justin Chen, president and ceo,

1:30 p.m.: Footwear Sourcing Options: Regions to Consider for a Balanced Supply Chain
LVCC, Room S229
Based on 2012 sourcing survey results from the Footwear Distributors & Retailers of America, Matt Priest of FDRA and panelists discuss the present and future of footwear sourcing, including changes in China’s economy, worker demands, currency manipulation and more.
Moderator: Matt Priest, president, FDRA
Panelists: Ron Sorini, former ambassador and attorney, Sorini, Samet & Associates; Bryan Collins, president, Topline Corp.

2:30 p.m.: The Sportswear & Contemporary Fashion Forecast: From Definitive Fall Trends to a First Look at Spring and Fall 2014
LVCC, Room S233
London trend forecaster, delves into upcoming sportswear and contemporary buying directions: a summary of fall 2013; a first look at spring and fall 2014 colors, themes and key products, and adapting trends to the target audience.
Speaker: Janna Jatyri, ceo, Trendstop

3 p.m.: Creating the Ultimate Sales Team: Training Solutions for an A-list Style Staff
LVCC, WWDMAGIC Buyer’s Suite
Firsthand information on finding, interviewing and training an expert staff, including the five key training points every successful retailer needs to know in order to increase sales.
Speaker: Mercedes Gonzalez, director, Global Purchasing Cos.

3 p.m.: E-commerce Boot Camp: Pump Up Your Business in 60 Minutes
LVCC, Room S229
Start selling online. Join small-business e-commerce expert Matt Winn as he whips your business into shape to start or expand selling online. Learn e-commerce essentials such as: picking the right e-commerce solution; best practices in designing and branding your Web site; examples and strategies to better merchandise products; social media marketing and personal survival tips.
Speaker: Matt Winn, social media manager, Volusion

9 a.m.: Expanding Your Retail Options for 2013
LVCC, WWDMAGIC Buyer’s Suite
An exploration of how new trends in buying and selling are being incorporated into brick-and-mortar retailing, from giving customers more choices by understanding the benefits of speed-to-market and smaller buys, to the advantage of cutting back on markups and more.
Speaker: Frances Harder, president, Fashion Business Inc.

11 a.m.: The Truth About Online Retailing and How to Succeed
LVCC, WWDMAGIC Buyer’s Suite
A roundup of the facts nobody talks about, along with a list of pros and cons to help succeed in the e-commerce fashion sphere.
Speaker: Mercedes Gonzalez, director, Global Purchasing Cos.

11 a.m.: Elements of a Successful Tech Pack
LVCC, Room S229
With budget-stretching information, this seminar explores the all-important “tech pack” in the fashion industry, including what a tech pack is and why one is necessary to successfully make a garment without spending money to correct mistakes once samples have been made.
Speaker: Frances Harder, president, Fashion Business Inc.

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