"Hooded Pod Shrug," by Maria Cornejo.

Aside from offering insights into what’s new in textiles, last week’s Première Vision show in New York also put a spotlight on local sourcing and sustainability.

The show’s panel, “Focus on the Local Fashion Supply Chain,” was moderated by Kate Daly of the NYEDC and led by Maria Cornejo of Zero + Maria Cornejo, Première Vision’s brand ambassador and a CFDA member. Other participants included Michelle Feinberg of New York Embroidery Studio, and John Jones and Claudia Gorelick from Accenture.

Cornejo said visiting local factories to work with manufacturers directly is an incredible asset for designers, and that sustainability can be defined as the minimization of processes through streamlining, knowing your supply chain, ensuring fair pay for workers and supporting the local community, which are considered more latent aspects of sustainability.

The Zero + Maria Cornejo capsule collection exhibited at the show combined innovative and sustainable fabrics the designer selected from Première Vision Paris last September that highlight the show’s “Smart Creation” theme. The fabrics, supplied by Schoeller Textile, won the 2017 Smart Creation Prize at the last Première Vision awards. Cornejo’s collection included a “Hooded Pod Shrug,” “Bea Coat,” “Adi Jumpsuit” and “One Seam Pant.”

“We don’t realize in New York how lucky we are to have a centralized system of production. Nowhere else in the world could you have anything made within a radius of 20 blocks. I’ve worked in Hong Kong, Italy, France, England and Japan and I can honestly say that people should appreciate what a gem we have in New York,” Cornejo said.

She added, “Half the time people are flying things across the world, you’re waiting month and then it’s wrong and you have to ship it back. It doesn’t make sense. We make 70 percent of our production here. Whatever we can make in New York, we make in New York.”

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