Alexandra Waldman and Polina Veksler

Universal Standard, the size-inclusive brand that caters to women sizes 10 to 28, is expanding into size-extended petites. Each item in the petites collection is engineered to meet the proportional needs of this customer, rather than being a reduction of the regular sizes.

The size-extended petites collection will be available on, beginning April 26.

To create the petite denim collection, the company shortened the inseam, shifting the knee and calf placement, and shortened the rise and yoke. It also designed appropriately proportional front and back pockets and repositioned and tapered the waist accordingly. The same level of engineering is being applied to the entire petites collection.

The petites for plus collection is being offered in sizes 10 to 28, but will expand into sizes 6 to 32 next month. The line retails from about $30 to $160.

A plus-size petites look from Universal Standard. 

The first petites collection includes 17 items and the launch will occur in three drops. The first, on April 26, will include The Geneva Dress, two new skirts and a tank. The next drop in May will include petite denim and the third in June will include more basics. After that, the company will launch petites along with other new items regularly.

The brand also has a Fit Liberty program, which allows women to replace their garments free of charge if their size fluctuates up or down over the course of a year.

“Women are not one size fits all — that’s just not how bodies work. We don’t want women to settle for a ‘good enough’ fit any longer,” said Alexandra Waldman, cofounder and creative director of Universal Standard. “To make a neckline native to the petite body and have pockets land where they should, dimensions cannot be altered using a generic formula. For an item to look the same on a petite woman as it does on her taller counterpart, the design and engineering process must be completely rethought. This is what we’ve done across this new size-inclusive category.”

The company noted that 50 percent of women in the U.S. are under 5 feet, 4 inches.

“Our endgame is to be at the forefront of a movement that will make size an irrelevant consideration for women when making style choices,” said Polina Veksler, cofounder and chief executive officer. “Creating petites is the next step in that direction.”

In January, Universal Standard launched an activewear collection called GAME by Universal Standard, as reported.

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